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Something to Talk About

I have curly, high porosity hair that’s prone to dryness and to frizz that obscures my curl pattern. This lightweight formula makes an immediate difference whenever I use it, revitalizing my curl pattern and minimizing frizz. Because it’s so hydrating, it makes my hair shinier and easier to style and detangle until the next wash day.

Something to Talk About

“I haven’t gotten my hair cut in, no joke, a year, and it desperately needs to be re-highlighted. It looks so dry and damaged, thanks to daily heating tool use. But after using this treatment, it made my strands softer, easier to manage, and had that ‘fresh outta the salon’ look,

Something to Talk About

“The oil that does it all and keeps my strands, skin and scalp healthy and hydrated. It makes my hair so shiny, frizz free and healthy without weighing it down.”

Something to Talk About

“Nothing beats this at clearing up dandruff and introducing moisture back to the hair shaft. It has that refreshing tingling feeling, plus it leaves your hair feeling super-duper clean.”

Eufora, on You

“I could see a difference in my hair after the first use and my absolute favorite part is that it’s plant based and only adds 5 minutes to your shower.”

"I like to spray my hair with Eufora's Fortifi Keratin Repair. This helps with damage control, protects my hair, and adds moisture - leaving my hair softer and healthier!"

“I've been on on the hunt for a good hair mask and the reason this one convinced me is that it's a one and done hair mask."

"Even after applying heat, my hair remained so silky and soft."

"Embarking on a haircare journey with @euforainternational, where nature and luxury converge! 🌿💎 Prioritizing #ScalpHealth is my beauty mantra, and with Eufora’s commitment to plant-based and natural ingredients, it’s a blend of sustainability and glamour."