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Wellness: Live Well. Be Well.

It’s no secret that fragrances have the remarkable ability to transport you mentally and emotionally, evoking physiological responses unlike any other sense. Eufora’s Wellness collection...

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Aloetherapy for Cool Weather

If you notice your scalp tends to be drier and more irritated during cooler weather months you’re not alone! Many of us find our hair and skin challenges change with the season and when temps start to drop...

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Find Your Perfect Finisher

When it comes to finishing sprays, we’ve come a long way from the lacquer-like, extra super-hold hairspray that your grandma used. Whether you’re looking for volume, shine or workability we have picks sure to suit your needs.

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Pro Tips For Trending Hairstyles

2021 has found many people in search of a new look. We can probably attribute this desire for change on spending almost all of 2020 in top knots and ponytails with grown out highlights. Regardless of “why”, people seem to be heading to their salon ready for a transformation. We reached out to our team of Eufora Hair Pros for tips on how to style these cool cuts.

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