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5 Color Fade Culprits

Chances are if you’ve ever had your hair colored, you have fallen victim to premature color fading. While not completely preventable, we’ve identified some of the top offenders to help you slow down the inevitable, so you can keep your crowning glory vibrant for longer!

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Frizz Fighting 101

Few people are born with naturally smooth, soft, and frizz-free hair. The rest of us are forced into a daily battle to tame dried out, damaged, and frizzy hair. Frizz is ranked as the #1 most common frustration across all hair types and can be caused by several reasons.

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4 Steps for Humidity-Proof Hair

Humidity can affect your hair in various ways. For example… if you have finer, straight hair it may seem lifeless and limp with a little topical frizz. If you have a slight wave pattern in your hair - humidity will enhance that pattern as natural beach waves. If you have curly or coily hair - you may see that infamous poofy, fuzzy, frizz show rear its head.

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6 Ways to Clean Up Your Act

“People, Planet Friendly”, more than just a slogan - it's a lifestyle choice. It's a decision you make to be mindful instead of wasteful. It’s the small changes and shifts in our daily lifestyle that make big waves to secure a better future.

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