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Salon Support -

Many salons are are just beginning to welcome guests back into the salon, and some are not yet open.  Whatever your local market brings, just remember that Eufora has changed up how we reward our Partner Salons for sales made through our Eufora online store.   

Now, when your guests shop eufora.net you earn CASH instead of points with our  "CASH BACK TO YOU" program...just EXTENDED THRU JUNE 30th!

Remind your customers that they can support your salon, whether at home or in the salon,  by shopping eufora.net and using your unique SALON CODE* , and start the cash rewards coming your way.  If you need some communication inspiration, there are eblast and social templates to kickstart your retail selling campaign here.

At the end of each month, we will calculate your rewards based on purchases by your customers, and make a deposit directly into your PayPal account.  Simply look for your email notification and then log into PayPal to claim your CASH BACK! 

*If you are a Partner Salon and you did not receive a CODE, please contact us.

3 Steps for Generating Retail Profit in Eufora Partner Salons

1) Educate

Educating your guests on the correct ordering process to ensure your salon receives credit is crucial.

The first thing your guests need to do is SELECT YOUR SALON as their preferred salon when creating a customer account. This will let us know they are a guest of yours and attach their online order to your Partner Account.

Once your guest chooses your salon name from the list – any future purchases will be associated with your salon, so you start earning with the first sale and will be rewarded with every order.

2) Create Incentives to BUY

We are here to help you provide your customers with an incentive to purchase. Each Eufora Partner Salon will be provided with a unique SALON CODE that they can share with their guests to encourage shopping and purchasing on eufora.net while the salon is closed…or anytime! 

When your guest shops at eufora.net and enters your unique SALON CODE at CHECKOUT they will receive:

  • FREE SHIPPING in the United States.
  • A FREE GIFT added to their order when packed.

3) Promote! Promote! Promote!

You know that your guests are loyal. They look forward to salon visits, trust your expertise and want to help support your business. So, initiate a full-blown engagement campaign that reaches out in multiple ways on multiple days. After all, they don't need to be in the salon to buy their beauty must haves!

Follow @euforainternational and @eufora.pro on Instagram and visit our Eufora News Blog to use our officially produced Eufora images, dialogue, product descriptions and content to help keep your messaging effective.

You can also download and share our "SALON LOVE" graphic to help communicate out your salon code.



Use ALL Channels of Communication

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Facebook 
  3. Instagram 
  4. TikTok
  5. Video Platforms
  6. FaceTime Consultations
  7. Phone Calls and Text Messages

Be Intentional - Consumers Crave the "C" PACKAGE!

  • Customization
    Use your online booking system to review the products each guest has purchased within the last 6 months and based on their hair goals – recommend maintenance products to help them avoid comprising. 
  • Consultation
    Use this time to create a consultative environment. Make sure you consider relevant situations such as color vibrancy with Color Revive, root regrowth with Conceal, and the detoxifying benefits of Urgent Repair to ensure the canvas you created stays looking beautiful!
  • Convenience
    Of course this relates to products delivered to their door – however – by providing them guidance through the process – they will feel less barriers to committing to the purchase and you can ease their hair complications until they get a chance to visit you next. It is recommended that you use a screen recording software to walk them step by step through the process.
  • Community
    In this instance… we are battling Amazon Prime shipping – however now more than ever – people want to support small businesses in their community through these challenging economic times. Take the time to educate your customer on the realities of questionable Eufora product on Amazon sold through non-verified 3rd party vendors.  Let them know the only place to get the authentic 100% guaranteed Eufora products they need is from you, your salon and Eufora!

The wellness and success of our entire Eufora Nation matters to us, and we look forward to partnering with you and your team to craft new and relevant initiatives that reinforce the exceptional salon experience. Rest assured we are committed to providing what you need to to help ensure your growth.

If you have not already done so, please visit www.eufora.university  for online learning tools that are sure to engage and motivate all salon team members.

Live Well. Be Well.