4 Signs Your Hair Needs Protein!

4 Signs Your Hair Needs Protein!

Did you know that 70-80% of your hair is protein? Hair proteins are made up of keratin. Damage from external forces, chemical treatments, hair color, environmental factors, and styling practices can all damage the protein of the hair shaft. Protein supports hair strength, shine, and hydration while reducing vulnerability to breakage. 

Without a proper balance of protein in your hair you may experience:  

Protein helps slow down the loss of water from the hair, if you are experiencing dryness, this could be a result of a lack of protein. Oftentimes people will seek out an oil or deep conditioning treatment as a remedy for dryness but unless the hair has protein - these options won't give you the desired result.


If your hair is more fine/medium  but looks limp, stringy, or needs volume, adding lightweight proteins will help support the structure of your hair and plump up strands. This will give the appearance of thicker and healthier hair with more volume and body. 

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If you’re experiencing a lot of breakage, your hair has lost elasticity, or its ability to stretch. When wet, healthy hair has the ability to stretch 50% of its original length without breaking. Protein helps slow water loss and keeps hair hydrated to bring back strength and flexibility making it less prone to breakage. 

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Porosity of the hair strand determines the ability of the hair to absorb moisture. UVA/UVB rays, chemical damage, chlorinated pools, hair color, as well as rough styling practices will create more porosity in the hair, creating damaged or raised cuticles. The right protein treatment will help you achieve the proper protein balance to even out the porosity of damaged hair.

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