5 Killer Curl Must Haves

5 Killer Curl Must Haves


Curly Hair Essentials

from a Professional Stylist

Need a little “professional help”?

While your curls are a gift and a good hair day brings endless compliments and confidence… only curly girls know the effort it takes to find the perfect care and style regimen.

Eufora International’s Style Director, Mirza Batanovic shares his professional insight on the 5 Killer Curl Must Haves.

If you’ve got ‘em…
learn how to love ‘em! 


Curl Enhancers

If you want to enhance your curl pattern and get those curls to bounce back to life,Curl’n Perfect Curl Activatorshould be everyone's “go to” product (yes, guys need curl care too). Make it the first thing you use after your shower or shampoo, and then keep a small refill size in your gym bag or hand bag.  It is a great way to refresh curls, and even helps to eliminate odor! Tip for Stylists, it also works as a cutting tool, encouraging the cut to form weightlessly. A fabulously multi-functional product; no wonder it’s one of Eufora’s top sellers!!!


The Right Tools

No, it’s not just a wide tooth comb! Although the comb is a very important tool... Curly girls know that a microfiber towel is essential to reduce frizz. The microfiber pulls out moisture without roughing up the cuticle of the hair - reducing the chance for frizz. Be sure to blot dry and never rub!


A “Killer Curly Cut”

The haircut is the first and single most important component when it comes to making the most of natural curls and texture. Curls have to be cut to bounce and form correctly, and ideally curly girls should seek out a stylist who specializes in creating that perfect shape for their own unique texture.


Style Design

Everyone’s curl pattern is unique but can be altered a bit when wet. How you set your curl is important to how it will dry and style.  When you want a big, curly bounce use Curl’n Curl Defining Solution to accentuate natural patterns without adding weight. EuforaStyle Forming Cream is great to get the curls to “drop” a bit and not expand quite as much.

Once you pick the right product…  it’s up to you to design your look. Mirza suggests trying these two simple techniques:
  • Loop curls in 1” inch sections around your finger, and then lightly spray with EuforaStyle Firm Mist to hold shape.
  • Wrap longer curls with bendy rods and allow to dry for a super defined curl pattern.
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Oils can be very helpful, so long as they’re not too heavy or greasy. For fantastic moisture, frizz control, and shine… Mirza recommends Smooth’n Oil Therapy. It provides a maximum dose of antioxidant rich oils like Moringa, Safflower, Abyssian, Olive, and Shea Butter to nourish and protect the cuticle and can be used on wet or dry hair. The perfect solution for 2nd or 3rd day hair when it starts to frizz up. Just remember... a little goes a long way!

Ready to put an end to thirsty, frizzy, stressed out curls?


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