5 Tips for Your New Eufora Regimen

5 Tips for Your New Eufora Regimen

Every perfectly set style starts with the right shampoo and ends with the perfect finisher - but most importantly… the knowledge of how to use them! Your journey to finding your perfect hair care regimen should include knowing all of the ins and outs of how to use each product in your Eufora collection.  

All Shampoos, Conditioners, & Treatments are Highly Concentrated!

A little goes a long way! Use a nickel sized portion of your shampoo and gently lather in your hands with water to prime lather before use. Lather from the roots and gently work through strands with fingers and palms. Avoid abrasive techniques that can lead to breakage, tangling, and composed follicles. 

*All shampoos and conditioners are safe for color and daily use.

Shampoo Your Roots. Condition & Treat Your Ends.

Your scalp needs the most focus when shampooing as the natural oils from your scalp reaches the hair closest to your roots. Apply conditioner and treatments on the mid shaft and ends of your hair. Most conditioners* should not be applied to the scalp to avoid adding too much moisture to areas of the hair where your hair's natural oils will reach. 

*Urgent Repair Treatment and Thickening Conditioning Treatment are also formulated to be massaged into the scalp to help soothe irritations and promote optimal scalp health. 

PRO TIP: Shampoo is essential for scalp health! Be sure to use your finger tips to massage the product into your scalp. Oily, greasy feeling hair? Add Urgent Repair Shampoo to your regimen as your weekly detox!

Conditioners vs. Treatments vs. Masques… What’s the difference?

  • Conditioners are essential for regular use to maintain the health and softness of your hair.
  • Treatments work to repair and restore damaged, weakened, and brittle hair on the inner layers of the strand. 
  • Masques are deep conditioners that help restore critical moisture loss and damage from chemical services, heat styling tools, and environmental factors. 

Product Order Matters!

One of the most common mistakes made when using prep, styling, and finish products is not layering them in the proper order. While many Eufora style and finish products are versatile and have multiple uses, the general rule of thumb is: 

  1. Work leave-in conditioners, treatments, and prep products through damp hair for proper application and absorption. 
  2. Apply stylers such as Sculpture, Behave, Details, and Defining Solution on damp hair prior to the drying process. 
  3. End with finishers such as Elevate, Tame, and Uplift on dry hair to hold style and fight frizz. 

PRO TIP:  Replace your cotton towel with a Microfiber Towel to prevent frizz and avoid damaging the cuticle layer of the hair. Gently blot and squeeze to pull excess moisture from the hair (never rub!). Use Eufora hair sprays in 3 second bursts rather than long sprays for the best results and to avoid clogging the applicator.

Every Ingredient Has a Purpose!

Eufora products are formulated with over 100 botanical extracts and oils designed to work synergistically to deliver exceptional performance based on your hair type and style goals. Instead of water, products are based in USDA Organic Aloe Vera or an All Plant Essence of Sage & Thyme*. 

Finding the right care products is the first step to building your perfect hair care regimen. Eufora formulates products specific to hair type and desired results. Need help finding the right regimen? Take our Hair Diagnostic! 

*This applies to Eufora shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and most styling products.


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