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6 Mistakes Curly Girls Make at Home

Curls -

6 Mistakes

Curly Girls

Make At Home

6 Mistakes

Curly Girls

Make At Home

Feeling dry, fried, and frizzy?

Managing curls on a daily basis can be time consuming but bad habits at home may be the culprit. 

Enter the Experts! Eufora International Educators, Jeffery Mayo and Jacob Greenfield share the top 6 mistakes that curly girls make at home and small changes you can make to bring life back to your curls. 


Are You Using Old Hot Tools?

Keeping your hot tools past their prime could be frying your hair. Old or damaged tools may have heat control issues and put out too much heat which zaps the curl pattern out of your hair. For example, irons with dents, scratches, and wear may have uneven temperature surfaces and may snag and tear your hair. 

Trust us… we get it. Curling irons, straighteners, and blow dryers can be pricey but you may be causing drastic damage to your hair that can’t be fixed until it grows out.

Tip: When you discard your tools, look for an e-waste place to take them so they won’t end up in the landfill. Some companies may even pick it up from your house or office. 


You May Be Waiting Too Long In Between Haircuts...

Are you avoiding getting a trim because your curls seem to spring up a few inches shorter after a cut? The truth is... waiting too long can be counter productive to growing your hair longer. After 6-8 weeks your hair has been beaten up by the elements enough and needs a trim to stay healthy. If you are using hot tools… you should be going every 4-6 weeks. 

Curly hair is really good at hiding damaged ends within the curl pattern and makes curly girls feel like they can ‘get away with’ extending their cuts. But once their stylist sees how damaged your ends are… they will need to take off several inches which can be somewhat traumatic and make you want to extend even further… feeding the viscous cycle.

- Jeffrey Mayo, Eufora National Trainer


You’re Probably Not Using Enough Product

Maybe you are trying to avoid crispy, crunchy, sticky or firm hair, but the reality is… you need to use more product! According to Mayo, “Curly hair is extremely absorbent and will soak up everything you put into it. In many cases,  teach my clients to use almost twice as much product as they think they should”. 

If you’re using the right products… don’t worry about it feeling a bit crunchy when wet.  Once it dries you’ll have well-behaved, bouncy, and soft curls.


Hair Feeling “Out of Order”?

Your Products Probably Are Too!

Similar to following a recipe, the order in which you use products can drastically impact your outcome. Now that you know you need to use MORE product... it is just as important to use them in the correct order. Start with protecting the hair on the inside and end by coating the outside of the hair”. - Jeffrey Mayo

For example… if we put styling fixatives in first and leave-in conditioners second… we prevent the conditioner from penetrating while also diluting the styling product. 

After Cleansing, Conditioning, and Blotting with a Microfiber Towel:

  1. Apply leave-in conditioners and treatments to add moisture and nutrients. Perfect Curl Activator, Nourish Leave-In Hydration, and Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment must go first so they can penetrate and work effectively.
  2. Next use Oils like Beautifying Serum or Smooth’n Oil therapy to help lock in the moisture. 
  3. Use Styling Products with fixatives like Curl’n Defining Solution and Forming Cream to design your style and help further seal the cuticle. 
  4. Always end with Finishing Sprays like EuforaStyle Tame or Gloss for your perfect curl finish. 


Turning Up the Heat?

Cranking up your hot tools all the way doesn’t help you style your hair faster… it only damages it faster. “Use either the lowest or medium setting for your hot tools and make sure you always apply a heat protectant”.

- Jacob Greenfield, Eufora Educator

For straightening and blow drying, EuforaStyle Thermal Defense Prep on wet hair protects from heat damage and breakage up to 428°F. This lightweight protectant is perfect for anyone who wants a silky, detangled look without feeling like you have product in your hair. If you need added hold for your style, use EuforaStyle Retain on dry hair prior to hot tool styling. Retain protects your hair up to 428° F with the added benefit of holding your desired style.


Can’t Keep Your Hands Off?

Hands off the curls! While you may be tempted to twist it and twirl it… it’s extremely important to take a hands off approach after you set your style, especially when it’s still wet! Your hair is most susceptible to frizz during the drying process and the more you play with it - the more you break up the curl pattern and cause frizz. 

Put and End to Unruly, Thirsty, and Frizzy Curls