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6 Simple Ways to Keep Blonde Hair Bright

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From honey to rose gold to platinum, some may say that blondes have more fun, but anyone who has ever had blonde hair knows that it can come with extra effort to maintain the desired look and feel.  Water, sun, styling, even shampooing can leave light hair looking lackluster, but with a few simple tips you can keep blonde hair as bright and illuminating as when you walked out of the salon.

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Ensure Hair is in Good Condition
Pre-color Service

Weekly deep moisture treatments can help keep hair in optimal condition for receiving hair color. When hair is undernourished and damaged it can become too porous making it susceptible to premature color fade. 

Ultra-rich Moisture Masque restores with Damage Cure Complex™  that works from the inside out repairing inner structure along with the outer cuticle for hair that is soft, shiny, touchable and able to retain color.



Choose High Quality Care

Don’t sacrifice on hair care after investing in your hair color. Taking good care at home with a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner will help prevent stripping color and depleting moisture from hair leaving it brittle and straw like.

Beautifying Elixirs are formulated with Vibrant Color Complex™ that is scientifically proven to deliver superior hair color retention. Choose Moisture Intense for hair that can use an added dose of hydration and Bodifying if you’re looking for soft body and bounce with your color protection.



Use a Toning Treatment

If your blonde tends to go yellow or brassy, a violet toning product can help bring you back to your desired tone. Since purple is directly across from yellow on the color wheel, it neutralizes warmth, banishes brassiness and makes your blonde bright again.

Use Color Revive Blonde after your favorite shampoo and before your favorite conditioner for brighter blondes and highlights with exceptional vibrancy and shine. 

Protect from Heat

Due to the fragile nature of lightened hair, it’s important to remember to use heat protectant before you touch a hair dryer, hot tool or even step outside. Any source of heat can weaken hair and cause discoloration, so keep styling tools on a low heat setting and use a styling prep product that protects at least up to 350°.

Thermal Defense Prep Heat Damage Protectant is a multi-benefit prep spray that not only protects from hot tools up to 428°, it also detangles, adds moisture and helps add shine.

Use a Shine Spray

Light colors tend to absorb light making it appear dull and flat. Boost shine by finishing any style with a high-gloss, lightweight shine spray to help reflect light making blonde hair appear brighter and more luminous. 

Try Gloss Dry Shine Spray for optimal shine, nourishment and frizz control without adding moisture or weight.

Skip Daily Shampooing

Even if you’re using the gentlest care for your color, cleansing everyday can be overkill. If you can get away with it, skip a day to avoid any unnecessary color stripping.

Instantly refresh hair by absorbing excess oil and odor with Fresh Effect. This residue free dry shampoo isn’t visible on hair and can help extend the life of your style as well as your color.