6 Tips to End Winter Hair Despair

6 Tips to End Winter Hair Despair

As fall starts to fade and winter weather wardrobes come into style, changing your hair care wardrobe for the season is often overlooked. Temperatures begin to drop, the moisture in the air dries up, and more time indoors means a new list of hair, skin, and scalp challenges.

“Just like you change up your clothing wardrobe with the season, your product wardrobe should change as well.”
- Jill Higginbotham of J. Michaels Salon and Spa

From static & frizz to dry hair & heat damage - here are 6 tips to end the winter hair despair.

1) Shorten Hot Showers and Seal the Cuticle!

Extended exposure to hot water and steam opens up the cuticle layer of your hair which may lead to color fatigue as well as drier, frizzier hair. Shorten your hot showers, add a cool rinse, and lock in your color with our light styling glaze, Sculpture, blended together with our weightless shine spray, Illuminate a.k.a the Eufora Color Locking System™. This unique blend of botanical ingredients, including Aloe Vera Gel and Squalane, helps to seal the cuticle to extend the life of your color up to 30% longer. Bonus benefits of this legendary duo include manageability, frizz control, reducing static flyaways and brilliant shine.


2) Fight the Frizz and Static Frenzy!

Once the temperature drops and the moisture in the air dries up - hair (especially fine or thin hair) is more prone to static flyaways. Using a finishing gloss like Pure Polish will help control frizz and flyaways. The blend of Ku Kui Nut and Safflower Oil with Vitamin E helps add moisture while enhancing shine and softness without the greasiness. On the go? Bring your travel sized Elevate and Illuminate!


3) Combat Flat, Hat Hair

Hats and beanies may compliment your winter wardrobe but the flat, lifeless hair underneath does not! Instantly fix flat hat hair with the root lifting Powder Lift. Gently sprinkle and scrunch the ionically charged powder on your roots for instant volume and lift at the root.

Learn how to care and style limp, lifeless hair for 64% more volume with Eufora Expert Expert Solutions


4) Infuse Moisture

Drier air and 24/7 indoor heat creates the perfect environment for drastically dry, thirsty hair. Consider adding a treatment (or masque) to infuse moisture and nutrients deep into the hair shaft. 

  • Urgent Repair Treatment is an intensive protein-rich restructuring and replenishing treatment that restores moisture and vitality to dry, stressed and damaged hair. 
  • Nourish Leave-In Hydration is weightless, protein-rich, daily leave-in moisturizing treatment that provides hydration and frizz control without added weight. For an extra dose of moisture - blend together with the highly absorbent, lightweight Beautifying Serum.

For extra processed, dry, and damaged hair, Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque is an ultra-rich masque that restores critical moisture loss and leaves hair soft, shiny and touchable without adding any weight.


5) Protect (and repair) from Heat Damage

Holiday hair styles often lead to more hot tool use! Direct heat can create little “pot-holes” in the cuticle layer of the hair. Heat damaged hair is unable to retain moisture, lacks natural shine, loses its elasticity and will be hyper prone to breakage and frizz! 

Both Eufora heat protectants are multi-purpose and provide heat protection up to 428°F. Thermal Defense Prep is applied on wet hair and also acts as a detangler while Retain is applied on dry hair prior to a curling iron or straightening iron and provides a firm, yet flexible hold to your crafted style. 

Learn more about how to prevent, protect, and repair heat damaged hair.


6) Love the Skin You’re In!

That slight brisk in the air is a subtle reminder that winter weather is on it’s way! 

Dry, chapped hands? Urgent Repair Hand Cream is the winter wonder that is bursting with moisturizing benefits of Jojoba, Sunflower Oil, Vitamin E and more! For head to toe moisturizing, the Aloe Stem Cell Technology in Aloetherapy Body Moisturizer and Moisture Mist amplifies the moisturizing and soothing benefits of aloe up to 1000x! As always the Neem, Argan, Cranberry, and Ku Kui Nut oils make Beautifying Serum the perfect blendable oil complex for smoother, hydrated, and softer skin.


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