7 Tips to Fight Winter Hair Static

7 Tips to Fight Winter Hair Static

Remember rubbing a balloon on your head as a kid to create static and make your hair stand up? Yeah that was fun… but it’s not so fun when it starts happening against your will! When you try to pat it down, it only gets worse! Before you know it, you feel like a walking science project. 

Ready to properly fight and prevent static? 

Let’s first gain an understanding of why it’s happening. Stick with us for just a second as we get a little science-y.

The Science of Static: Why does my hair get so much static?

When two objects rub together, electrons from each surface are swapped to the other. Dry, damaged hair doesn’t allow for the electric charge to dissipate as evenly as healthy, moisture balanced hair does. When enough “static charge” builds up, the hair begins to repel from one another, creating those pesky static flyaways. Static happens much more frequently in the winter as temperatures drop, air gets drier, and we use various fabrics, hats, and scarfs to shield us from the cold.

Is static the same as frizz?

The quick answer is no. Static is a result of dry, damaged hair building up an electric charge that repels each hair from one another. Frizz is a result of an open, frazzled cuticle layer that draws in moisture from the air. When it comes to prevention, there are similar remedies as both share a root cause: lack of moisture in the hair and damage to the cuticle layer. While there are some quick fix remedies listed below, the best way to treat the problem is at the root cause.

Now that we're familiar with the science of static, let's talk about some ways to fight it.

1. Switch to a more moisturizing shampoo & conditioner

Think of your hair regimen like a ‘wardrobe’. Just like your clothing needs change with the seasons and temperature changes, your hair regimen should too!

During the drier months of winter, a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can help provide your hair with the proper moisture balance to prevent static flyaways (as well as frizz!).

Damaged or Colored hair? Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Intense Shampoo and Conditioner will help restore the inner and outer structure of your hair while providing an “intense” dose of moisture. This duo also works great on dry, thirsty curls.

Coarse, Frizzy hair? Dramatically transform unruly hair with Smooth’n Frizz Control and Conditioner. This duo delivers a heavier balance of soy proteins and phospholipids to increase manageability and elongate curl pattern.

Remember, you don’t have to abandon your favorites! Sometimes you just need something a little extra! Once more “normal” temperatures or conditions return - you can rotate back to your standard regimen.

2. Avoid using your bath towel to dry your hair

As easy as it is to throw your wet hair up in a regular ol’ towel after the shower, it's not doing you any favors. Rubbing and shaking your hair dry with a cloth towel causes friction and roughs up your recently sealed cuticle. Drop this habit and use a microfiber towel to blot (never rub) your hair dry. The fine fibers of this towel prevent static flyaways and frizz.

(fun fact: our towel can also double as a tool to remove makeup!)

3. Nourish, hydrate, & repair with leave-in conditioners & treatments

A great way to get some quick static relief while also providing your hair with the nutrients and repair is the right leave-in conditioner.

What products can help prevent static? Eufora’s Leave-In Hydration is a protein-rich, daily leave-in moisturizing treatment that provides hydration and static control without adding any weight.

Need damage repair and color protection? Use Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment. This multi-use leave-in infuses hair with the Damage Cure Complex and Vibrant Color Complex. It’s a detangler, moisturizer, frizz-fighter, heat styler and color protector all in one easy step!

4. Seal the cuticle

As mentioned above, treating the root cause of the problem is the most effective way to reduce static flyaways. Limiting exposure to hot water and steam is recommended as long term exposure raises the outer cuticle layer of the hair. If you can stand it, introduce a cool rinse before ending your shower.

After applying your leave-in conditioner, work the Eufora Color Locking System through your hair while it is still damp to seal the cuticle and lock in moisture and nutrients from your leave-in products. This powerful duo features ingredients like squalane and highly concentrated aloe vera gel that work synergistically to seal the cuticle, lock in color, fight frizz, and give your hair incredible, healthy shine.

5. Swap out your old plastic brush or comb

Using a plastic brush or comb can pass on more electricity and make the static even worse. Use a metal comb and swap out your plastic bristle brush for a wood or natural-bristled one.

Going for that frizz and static free blow out? The Eufora Round Brush uses tourmaline infused nylon bristles. When combined with heat, the bristles release negative ions that dramatically reduce static electricity for a smooth, sleek finish with more shine.

Tip: Spray your metal comb with hairspray and brush root to tip. It’ll help control the static and tame flyaways.

6. Find the right hair oil: Pure Polish

This finishing gloss has been perfected to control frizz and static flyaways while delivering exceptional shine and softness (without the greasy after feeling). Work a few drops of Pure Polish to wet hair prior to your blow dry for a faster, smoother blow out and work a few more drops through your finished look to keep flyaways at bay.

7. Upgrade your blow dryer

Upgrading to an ionic hair dryer that actively sends out negatively charged ions can interact with your hair's positive charge to help neutralize static. Negative ions can also help lock in moisture, seal the cuticle and make the hair smooth and shiny. It may be a pricier option but can be a game changer when it comes to static and frizz.

8. Be fashionable, but mindful: ditch the polyester & nylon fabrics

Swap out the synthetic fabrics (like polyester or nylon) your head contacts daily for something with a silk or satin lining. As your hair works with a smoother fabric, it has the chance to lie flatter and won't get roughed up nearly as much, which will ultimately help prevent static and frizz. Plus you’ll look and feel extra boujee!


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