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All About Porosity

How to Care for Your Hair Based on Your Porosity Level

What is Porosity?

Porosity is your hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Specifically, your stylist is looking at how easily moisture, oils, and products are absorbed through the cuticle layer of the hair and how well they are retained. Your porosity level is directly related to whether your hair feels dry, brittle, and fragile or lucious and moisture-rich.

While genetics play a big role… porosity can also be affected by your natural curl pattern, use of chemical treatments, hot styling tools, and environmental exposure. Understanding the porosity of your hair will help guide you in finding the perfect hair care regimen to keep your hair looking and feeling moisturized, shiny, and healthy.

Determine Your Hair's Porosity Level

Not sure what the porosity level of your hair is? While we always recommend seeing a professional stylist to determine the needs and recommended solutions for your hair… there are a few “at home” tests you can use to help determine your hair’s porosity.

High Porosity Low Porosity


1. High Porosity Hair

High porosity means the cuticle layer of your hair is abnormally raised or frazzled. This is usually due to the damaging effects of over processing, excessive hot tool use, harsh cleansing agents, environmental elements, or rough brute force.
The “potholes” or large openings in the cuticle make it easy for your hair to absorb moisture but also prevents your hair from retaining it. This is a direct invitation for dry, brittle, frizzy, and tangled hair.


How to Care for High Porosity Hair

High porosity hair must be repaired and restructured and you should immediately avoid heat styling, harsh chemical treatments, and using brute force.

Using repairative care products and protein rich treatments to restructure weak, brittle and damaged hair is essential. Eufora’s Damage Cure Complex™ within the Beautifying Elixirs collection will help repair and restore damaged hair from the inside out.

Need some serious damage control? Use a deep conditioning treatment 1-2x per week and a leave-in reparative conditioner to restore damaged lipid layers and seal the cuticle to prevent further damage.

To help even out porosity, apply Eufora Fortifi Keratin Repair as the first product after your shower. Fortifi uses Quinoa proteins to “fill in” those porosity potholes for increased strength and elasticity. Then apply the Eufora Color Locking System™ which is proven to seal the cuticle (and preserve color) with a unique blend of Squalane and Aloe vera.

QUICK TIP! Remember…steam from a hot shower, sauna, or steam room will raise your cuticle! A cool rinse at the end of your shower is a great start to the cuticle sealing process!


2. Normal Porosity

If your hair feels normally porous... your cuticles are raised just enough to easily absorb and retain moisture, oils, and product.

Since your hair is most likely healthy, a proper care regimen that addresses your specific hair type and styling goals such as: Curl’n, Volume, Smooth’n, Thickening, and Nourish. The occasional treatment like Beautifying Elixirs Replenishing Treatment or Urgent Repair Treatment will help keep it healthy and well-nourished.

Remember… porosity can change! Avoiding overprocessing, excessive hot tool use, and brute force will help keep your porosity in this ideal state.



3. Low Porosity Hair

If your hair feels stiff, resistant to styling, and products seem to just “float” on top of the hair… you may have low porosity.

This means the cuticle layer is sealed very tight which blocks moisture and products from absorbing into the hair.

How to Care for Low Porosity Hair

Low porosity hair is very prone to build up! It demands oils and rich moisturizing products to invite and retain moisture.

For build up removal, a clarifying shampoo like, Urgent Repair Shampoo, is essential to remove excess oils and residue.

Contrary to high porosity hair, using the hot steam from your shower can help open your cuticles to help moisture, oils, and products enter your hair before it seals shut!

PROTIP: Split your hair into small sections when applying your conditioner and leave-in products to ensure even distribution!

NOTE: While your hair is still damp (and cuticles are open from your hot shower), use a leave-in conditioning spray, like Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment followed by an oil product, like Beautifying Serum or Oil Therapy, to help seal in the conditioning agents. If an extra dose of moisture is needed, apply Nourish Leave-In Hydration before your hair oil.


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