Ask A Hairdresser: Joshua Martell Shares How<br>to Get the Most Out of Your Color Service

Ask A Hairdresser: Joshua Martell Shares How
to Get the Most Out of Your Color Service

First question, as a hairdresser, when a guest sits in your chair for a color service what is the first thing you want to know?

Joshua: The biggest thing for me is consultation. Every service is a journey and every guest has a different journey, so I want to understand where they are versus where they want to go. Once I know that, it’s strategizing the steps and processes required to achieve the desired look. Going from A to B can’t always be done in one appointment so you need a blueprint along with a solid plan for at home maintenance.


That’s a good point, I think it’s important to note that not every transformation can be done in one sitting.

JM: Yeah, in today’s day and age we see celebrities and influencers on social media and one day they have black hair and the next day they have platinum. In the digital world it looks like it was done in 24 hours, but that’s just not the case. It can take 2 or more appointments depending on a lot of factors.


As part of the consultation, there is usually some close hair examining going on, what are you looking for?

JM: When I initiate touch with the guest that's when the service starts because I’ve connected with them on a physical level. I begin by looking through the hair and assessing natural color, comparing hair on the top to the sides and back and seeing where the sun is hitting it. I’m checking for previous color history and any hidden areas that I may need to address. Someone’s hair color can look fantastic from the exterior, but there can be a lot hiding in the inner layers that they don’t even know about.


That sounds scary, but leads me to my next question, if someone isn’t getting the color results they want from their hairdresser, what do you recommend that they do?

JM: Well, there are two angles here. One, if they are walking out of the salon with color they love, but finding longevity isn’t what they expect I’d ask about what they are using to care for it at home. More often than not, guests aren’t taught how important professional hair care is and they leave feeling fantastic and within a week they are seeing fading. With my guests I tell them I’m not willing to do a huge change if they’re not willing to invest in good care because they won’t be happy and it won’t be because of the color service. I like to say, you wouldn’t put cheap oil in a Ferrari, don’t use cheap shampoo on your hair. 


Ha ha, well said. And what’s the other angle?

JM: If someone isn’t happy with their color, I’d be asking how engaged their hairdresser  is with them. If you aren’t getting a proper consultation every time, that’s a huge red flag! I’d walk out.


Other than finding a good hairdresser, do you see a recurring concern with guests getting a color service?

JM: Probably longevity. They want to know their color is going to last and increasingly more, the ingredients in the products being used. Where I  live people are pretty eco-conscious and they really care about what’s being used and the quality of product being used on their hair.


Longevity is a big one, what one would you say is the biggest culprit of color fading too quickly?

JM: Number one is improper home care. The only guests I see that have exaggerated color fading or color shifting would be the ones that are not using proper care at home. Sometimes people may go to the store and buy product because they just like the way it smells, but it’s really important to use quality product. My guests that use professional care notice a significant difference in color endurance.


I’m noticing a trend here, but what can salon guests do to make their hair color last longer?

JM: Listen to your hairdresser! More times than not people don’t take hairdressers seriously as professionals. Our recommendations can be overlooked and if you’re going to spend several hundreds of dollars on your hair, invest in proper care. Your hair is an investment, invest in it!


So, it’s summer now and we’re coming off a pretty hard year, are you seeing a spike in any particular trends in your salon?

JM: Yes! Especially after COIVID when everyone was at home and bored for so long, more people are getting brave and are more willing to express themselves. We’re seeing a huge spike in fantasy colors, which has been a blast for us in the salon. We’re getting to be creative with our paintbrushes and really push the limits. 


That sounds like a lot of  fun. Do you personally have a favorite hair color trend of the season?

JM: (laughs) My favorite hair color trend will forever and always be, whether it’s on trend or not, very organic, soft lived in color.  Whether it’s vibrant shades or soft blended blondes I love color that’s very lived in. I don’t even think I would know how to do chunks or stripes. I love haircolor to look good from day 1 to week 8.


I can tell you’re very passionate about what you do. What do you love most about your job?

JM: I love this question. For the most part, my whole family is in the medical field or in other white collar jobs, but I’m a very creative, fun, outgoing, goofy person. I wanted to find something where I could inspire people and I could give to people what they don’t get in their daily life. I like to call myself a “daymaker”. It’s my job to put a smile on my face and be whatever someone needs me to be for that time that they are in my chair. I want them to walk out of my salon feeling like a rockstar. In the professional hair industry we are in a unique position to have personal connections and people really put their trust in us. I love being a daymaker. I don’t know what else I’d do. 


Well, now I don’t know that I should ask my next question, but I’ll give it a shot; If you weren’t a hairdresser what would you be?

JM: I really don’t know. I’d probably be a nomad and live in the mountains or something.


And one final question, Josh. Do you have any secret talents the world needs to know about?

JM: (laughs) Describe “secret talent”. I’m kidding. I would say my secret talent is not so much a secret, but I love to be a day maker and make someone's day. Making an impact on someone’s life, big or small is my talent. I just want to brighten everyones day!

Like Josh says “Invest in your investment!”


Have any hair questions, concerns or topics you’d like to learn more about? Let us know! 

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