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Ditch the Wrapping Paper: Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

At Eufora we love to think outside the box, or in this case outside of the wrapping paper. There are so many creative and sustainable ways to get your presents ready for giving that don’t involve traditional gift wrap. Here are a few of our favorite alternatives sure to impress without adding to excess waste.



Surely you’ve heard of origami, but have you heard of furoshiki? Furoshiki is the art of Japanese fabric wrapping and has been used for centuries as a way to carry and protect goods. Grab an old scarf, pillowcase or fabric scrap and get to folding! With the right fabric you can give two gifts in one! Need a visual on how it’s done? Here is a great video tutorial.


Recycled Map

These days, most of us are reaching for our phone for directions rather than a good ol’ paper map, but if you have one lying around your basement or in your glove compartment, they make excellent gift wrap and give a cool vintage vibe.

Chip Bag

Yes, a chip bag. Carefully turn a chip bag, or any similar foil bag, inside out so that the silver side faces out, wash the residue and tuck your goods inside or use to wrap a small item. Secure with a pretty bow and voila! Instant holiday wrap ready for giving!


Jar or Tin

If you have a smaller gift, check your pantry for an empty food container. A piece of handmade jewelry or other small item can tuck away beautifully in an old mason jar or tea tin. Spruce up the outside with a decorative piece of twine, ribbon or a sprig of holly and expect your recipient to be wowed.


Eufora Beauty Bag

If you’ve been following us this year, you know that we rolled out a collection of 6 Beauty Bags meant to be upcycled and reused. Not only do these versatile pouches work for everything from stashing cosmetics and lunches to being repurposed as first aid kits and fanny packs, but they also work great for gift bag alternatives!