Guest Blog: Childhelp – Eufora International
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Guest Blog: Childhelp

Dear Childhelp Believers:

What is your definition of beauty? In a world where the surface seems to matter so much, we can get a little confused about what truly matters in life. Goodness, kindness, empathy and generosity are the benevolent qualities that radiate from within to make your eyes bright, your smile shine and your overall appearance warm and inviting to others. That is the kind of beauty we believe in and it’s definitely the stylistic sensibility of our dear supporters at Eufora.

For almost two decades, the amazing team at Eufora has made Childhelp a charity of choice. Their ethics have always ensured planet-friendly, cruelty-free haircare products sold in fine salons. Their Childhelp Community Cut-a-Thons join together top stylists bringing out the best in their clients while supporting the recovery of the children in our care. Now, they’re asking you to believe in yourself, believe in our mission and believe in the value of each and every child we serve.

Let’s help Eufora reach a fundraising goal of $100,000 by adding a donation to your cart with every purchase or by donating directly on the Childhelp + Eufora fundraising page where you can also track progress!

We celebrate the dynamism of Beth Bewley and every talented salon owner, stylist and patron for focusing on giving a child in need a chance at a beautiful future. We thank YOU for believing in Childhelp!

For the love of a child,

Sara O’Meara

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Yvonne Fedderson
Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman & President