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Hair Loss Prevention
and Treatment Options

Once you’ve determined your root cause of your hair loss you can select a treatment or prevention option. While treatments range in price, invasiveness, and length of time to achieve results - it is important to choose a solution that you can remain consistent and comfortable with as the journey to thicker, fuller hair is a long and steady one.


IMPORTANT! Catch it Early! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment.

If your hair loss is due to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) sensitivity, the best thing you can do is to catch it early and address it as soon as possible as this type of hair loss is progressive. The earlier you are able to catch it - the more likely it can be stopped, slowed down, and even return to its fullest state. If left untreated… you may begin to experience follicle atrophy and permanent hair loss. 

What are the symptoms or signs of hair loss in women?

  • A widening part on the top of your head 
  • A receding hairline starting at your temples
  • Seeing more than normal amounts of hair fall out daily (either on your brush, on the floor, in showers, on your pillows, or on the sink)
  • Having smaller, thinner ponytails

Starting Your Journey to Thicker, Fuller Hair

There are several paths you can take on the road to thicker, fuller hair. Below are several options (some that can be used together) for you to explore the best route for you.

1. The Surgical Path: Surgical Transplants to Relocate Follicles 

Hair transplantation, formerly known as “hair plugs”, surgically removes follicles from the back of your head (or other donor areas) and plants them in the desired areas. The good news is that it is your real hair! The bad news? It costs $10,000+ (price goes up the more follicles you move) and there is no guarantee that the “new” hair will not fall out again. 

2. The Pharmaceutical Path: Topical and Oral Medication

Minoxidil (Rogaine) and Finasteride (Propecia) are the most recognizable treatments available. Minoxidil is a topical vasodilator treatment that helps bring more blood flow to the applied area. It was originally created as a treatment for hypertension in the 1970s. Finasteride is a prescription oral medication typically prescribed to men and rarely to women. It helps stop the body from converting testosterone into DHT. 

Both come with a list of side effects that are worth researching. While minoxidil and finasteride are the only FDA approved drugs for regrowing hair, there are many other natural remedies that can help combat the effects of DHT (see option 5).

3. The Salon Professional Path: Create the Appearance of Thicker, Fuller Hair

A strategic cut, color, and the right thickening products can go a long way! A talented stylist can help you make the most of what you have and transform your look to give you a fuller, bouncier, and textured look. By creating the right hair color based on your skin (and scalp) tone can help hide an easily visible scalp and give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. 

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The right styling products, when used correctly, can help conceal the appearance of thinning. Here are the top professional recommendations: 

  1. Volume Fusion Spray and Thickening Serum can help create volume and fullness when used with the right blow dry technique. 
  2. Powder Lift is a unique liquid boosting powder that creates instant volume and fullness. 
  3. Eufora Conceal uses tiny negatively charged parts that adhere to your hair and scalp to cover up scalp visibility. 


*This path is recommended to compliment all treatment options. 

4. The “Alternative” Treatment Path: Lasers and Microneedling

There is never a shortage of new treatments and technologies aiming to combat hair loss. Laser treatments are now available and designed to boost growth by exposing hair to low intensity laser light, which helps energize the hair follicle. These treatment can be done by a dermatologist however, several "at-home" products such as laser combs and hats have entered the market. Professional treatments over several months of weekly sessions may help give you the boost your follicles need but the jury is still out about the "at home" devices. 

A newer but older method is called microneedling, which uses tiny sterilized needles to pinprick the scalp to promote hair regeneration. Costing around $1200 per treatment, microneedling claims to promote hair regeneration by triggering wound healing responses and increase absorption rates for topical treatments. 

Note: At home kits are also sold but please take caution and speak to a professional before attempting.

5. The Eufora Thickening Regimen: The Best of the Botanical and Clinical Worlds

Nature is powerful and when combined with true innovation and technology - a real solution to thicker, fuller hair (without surgery or pharmaceuticals) is possible. The Eufora Thickening Regimen addresses DHT formation, scalp health, as well as the dietary needs to encourage healthy hair growth.

The ProAmino Cell Complex combines three different plant-based technologies:

  1. The ProAmino Peptide Complex to prevent DHT formation.
  2. Nanosome Nutrient Technology to deposit antioxidants deep into the follicle.
  3. Aloe Stem Cell Therapy for a high potency dose in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals and enhanced oxygenation of the scalp.

Combining this innovation with powerful botanicals like Neem Seed Oil, Licorice Root Extract, and Citrus & Peppermint Oil and Eufora botanical science elevates performance above the crowd, without the side effects.