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4 Steps to Prevent, Protect, and Repair Heat Damaged Hair

Whether you’re smoothing out your curls or giving your hair a big, bouncy blow out… grabbing your hot tools to craft your style is always tempting. In the heat of the moment… using hot tools without protection can make hair dry, brittle, and can even “zap” out your natural curl pattern and leave you with a frizz-filled handful of limp, damaged hair. 

Any type of excessive heat exposure can push your hair over the edge. Whether you’re crimping, curling, straightening, or blowing it out - all it takes is one misuse, over exposure, or long pass to create irreversible damage!


  • Lack of Shine 
  • Frayed or Rough Feeling Texture
  • Overly Dry and Dehydrated
  • Brittle and Breaks Easily 
  • For Curly Hair: Lack of Bounce or Looser Curl Pattern


In short - damage causes dryness which leads to frizz. When hair is dry, damaged, and dehydrated, it’s extremely prone to frizz. Direct heat can create little “pot-holes” in the outer protective cuticle layer of the hair. Once this outer layer is compromised, your hair will be unable to retain moisture, lack natural shine, and lose its elasticity. Not only will it look and feel rough and dull - it will be hyper prone to breakage and frizz (especially with humidity). 

The fix? Infuse moisture into the hair shaft, seal the cuticle layer to lock in hydration, and then keep the cuticle layer nourished and protected. 


If you have any type of texture, curl, or wave in your hair, excessive heat can damage and permanently alter the protein bonds in your hair. Once keratin in curly hair is overheated - it can create a permanent change at a molecular level. This zaps the natural curl pattern out of your hair and leaves you with whatever shape you “melted” it into.


Don’t worry - we won’t send you into battle unarmed. Using styling products designed specifically to protect and enrich your hair during styling may actually speed up the process while protecting each strand. Use the following tips to help you find your perfect heat styling products to prevent, protect, and help repair even the most dry, brittle, and frizzy heads of hair.


Technique is KING! Turn Down the HEAT!

Heat damage happens when hair is overexposed to high levels of direct heat. While a few short passes of a hot tool may not do any harm... holding tools in place for too long can burn your hair, melt out your curl pattern, and destroy the outer protective cuticle layer.

More heat does not equal more results but always equals more damage. Keep heat at a medium temperature and use steady passes and movements. One even pass of an iron set at medium-heat is far more effective than multiple, quicker passes at maximum temperature.


Choose Your Heat Protectant(s)

Two powerful, multi-purpose heat protectants both provide heat protection up to 428°F, but are applied at very different times during the styling process. Thermal Defense Prep is applied on wet hair and also acts as a detangler. Retain is applied on dry hair prior to a curling iron or straightening iron and provides a firm, yet flexible hold to your crafted style. 

Learn more about each below and please, by all means… use them together! 


Who is it for? Anyone using heat styling tools including blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. An essential pre-blowout product. 

What does it do? This multi-benefit prep spray protects hair from damage and breakage caused from blow drying and heat styling tools up to 428°F. Enriched with oils and botanical extracts to help increase strength, elasticity, and shine. It also detangles, adds moisture, and leaves hair feeling soft, moveable and touchable with great shine.

How to Use: Spray Thermal Defense Prep liberally on wet hair as a protective base before layering in any other prep or styling products. 


Who is it for? Anyone who feels frustrated when their style from their flat iron or curling iron won’t seem to stay. 

What does it do? Retain provides a firm yet flexible hold while protecting from heat styling damage up to 428°F. Quinoa proteins and biodegradable corn and sugar help to strengthen, protect hair color, and assist with style retention, control, and memory. 

How to Use: Spray Retain directly from 8-10 inches away on dry sections prior to hot tools use. Lightly mist over any finished style for a flexible, moveable hold.


Condition and Repair from The Inside Out

Keeping a healthy canvas is always an essential step to keeping your hair healthy, shiny, and ready to take on the elements (heat and environmental). Whether you need to repair damage already done or ensure optimal hair health and hydration for future heat styling… a leave-in conditioner or treatment can restore and repair your hair from the inside out with the proper nutrients and proteins. 

Dry and Brittle? 

Keep your hair moisturized, shiny, and ready for anything. Use Nourish Leave-In Hydration on towel dried hair for a powerful punch of proteins with perfect hydration and added frizz control.

Breakage and Damage? 

If your hair is already damaged - the outer protective layer has gaps and “potholes” which lead to moisture loss, breakage, and a dry, brittle texture. Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair is a weightless, yet powerful protein-rich restructuring solution that restores damaged hair. Thermal activated quinoa proteins fill in “pot holes” and porosity for increased strength and elasticity.


Chemical services such as waving, straightening, or color services can manipulate the bonds of your hair and may damage the hair during the process. Eufora’s proprietary Damage Cure Complex™ repairs hair from the inside out. Use the multi-purpose Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment to restore and protect damaged, dull, brittle, and lifeless hair.

Critical Damage? 

Feeling like you’re almost at the “point of no return”? It’s time to masque up! Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque restores critical moisture loss from heat styling, professional services, and environmental stresses. Leaves hair soft, shiny and touchable without adding any weight. Use 1-2 times per week and ElixirONE A.K.A. the “Hair Perfecting Potion” for a maximum dose of the Damage Cure Complex and Vibrant Color Complex.

Ready for full protection? 

The Straight and Smooth Regimen provides you with 3 exceptional products for full protection. Whether you are giving yourself a smooth bouncy blow out, creating some beach waves with a curling iron, or going for a straight, sleek look with a straightening iron... protection is key for healthy, shiny, and frizz-free hair. 

Don’t forget to add your favorite leave-in treatment to ensure healthy, restored, and moisturized hair. 

The Regimen Includes

  • EuforaStyle Thermal Defense Prep
  • EuforaStyle Straightening Balm 
  • EuforaStyle Retain