How To Care for Colored Hair

How To Care for Colored Hair

Nothing is worse than walking out of a salon loving your new hair color only to have it start to fade within a week. You’ve made the investment in a professional color service, it only makes sense to take the recommended steps to ensure color endurance and overall hair health to keep your mane your crowning glory!

If you only take one thing away from this, do NOT try to save money on haircare! Harsh detergents and sulfates can lift the hair cuticle and leave color pigments vulnerable to be washed away. It may be tempting but don’t scrimp on cheap shampoo and conditioner!

Beautifying Elixirs Shampoo and Conditioner with Vibrant Color Complex™ deliver the most effective color endurance available so color stays on your hair, not in your shower.


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Bodifying Shampoo


Color services can deplete hair hydration, so it’s important to rely on regular use of conditioning treatments to replenish moisture and protect from damage and loss of nutrients. From daily leave-ins to weekly mask treatments, these hair saviors can help keep color on lock.

Whether your hair craves a leave-in, daily or weekly rinse out, Beautifying Elixirs has what you need to restore moisture and protect hair color.


Moisture Masque


Check with your hairdresser first to make sure this is a good option for your particular look, but at home color treatments can be just what you need to give your hue a little pick me up in between appointments.

Beautifying Elixirs Color Revive Color Enhancing Treatments are available in 4 shades and not only do these pigmented treatments add back vibrancy, they also offer exceptional shine and conditioning benefits.


Color Revive Red


If you can’t forgo the hot tools, at least turn down the heat and use protection. Prep with a thermal protectant to create a barrier and start with the lowest setting possible when using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron.

When you can’t resist the heat, make sure to use EuforaStyle Thermal Defense Prep for protection up to 428° plus added moisture and shine.


Thermal Defense Prep


Even with the best haircare, shampooing too frequently and too aggressively provides an opportunity for color molecules to be rinsed away. Be gentle and even try going every other day to cut exposure in half. Toss a Dry Shampoo in your bag for quick touch ups on the go!

Instantly refresh hair with zero-weight, residue or grittiness by spraying Fresh Effect through small sections of hair and combing through to disperse to ends.

Check with your hairdresser, but generally speaking you should be going into the salon every 4 to 8 weeks, not only for any necessary color touch ups, but also to get regular trims. Damaged and frayed ends won’t hold hair color which can leave you with an undesired ombre effect.  Regular appointments will ensure that your hair is in good condition and color is exactly how you want it.



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