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4 Steps for Humidity-Proof Hair

Frizzy hair is hard enough to tame! Add high levels of humidity into the mix your dream hair can quickly turn into a frizzy hair nightmare.

You’re most likely to frizz out in humidity if your hair: 

  1. Is dehydrated and lacks moisture 
  2. Has high porosity 
  3. Is damaged from hot tools, chemical services, or rough styling 
  4. Has a natural curl pattern

Humidity can affect your hair in various ways. For example… if you have finer, straight hair it may seem lifeless and limp with a little topical frizz. If you have a slight wave pattern in your hair - humidity will enhance that pattern as natural beach waves. If you have curly or coily hair - you may see that infamous poofy, fuzzy frizz rear its head. 

Dryness + Damage + Humidity = Your Worst Frizz Fest Yet. 

While many things can trigger frizz… the main cause is usually a damaged or raised cuticle layer (the outer protective layer of the hair). 

The outer cuticle layer of the hair helps seal moisture and products into the hair strand. When the cuticle is raised, lifted, or damaged… the hair loses its ability to lock in moisture which leads to dry, brittle hair with a rough texture. 

In short… your hair needs and craves moisture! Once your hair dries, it tries to absorb the ambient moisture from the air which causes it to swell up and frizz out.

A Little Science...

When the humidity level in the air is greater than the amount of moisture in your hair, the moisture enters through the raised cuticle layer and can actually rearrange the bonds inside each hair fiber turning your smooth style into frizzy chaos (especially during the hot, humid summer months).

Don’t worry - we aren’t going to let the humidity steal away your perfect, frizz-free hair day. Here are 4 key steps to help you “humidity proof” your hair to prevent poofy, frizzy, and frazzled moments. 

See Eufora Frizz Fighters in Action! 

STEP 1: Infuse Moisture

STEP 2: Anti-Humectant Styler

STEP 3: Oil Therapy

STEP 4: Seal the Deal

STEP 1: Infuse Moisture

Before styling and finishing your - it’s always important to start with the right shampoo, conditioner, and restorative treatment (if needed). Smooth’n Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner is a great duo that offers gentle, yet powerful formulas infused with natural oils and botanical extracts to seal and nourish the cuticle for ultimate frizz and humidity protection.

Damaged hair? Use Nourish Fortifi Keratin Repair to help restore and repair damage.

Dehydrated? Use Nourish Leave-In Hydration as a protein, rich daily moisturizing treatment.

STEP 2: Oh Behave!

Anti-humidity stylers are your best friend in those hot, humid summer months. EuforaStyle Behave is a light styling cream that gives you total control of your style and lock out humidity from swelling up and frizzing out your strands.

Whether you’re creating a soft, sleek blow out or an effortless style with movement and natural shine… Behave is your humidity fighting go-to styler.

STEP 3: A Little Hair Therapy

After applying your styler - layering with an oil will lock in moisturizers and further seal and smooth the cuticle. Smooth’n Oil Therapy not only keeps your hair hydrated, your cuticle sealed and nourished, and prevents flyaways. This antioxidant rich oil complex contains a maximum dose of the Smooth'n Oil Complex which is proven to progressively elongate curl pattern and prevent frizz. The more you use it… the better it works! 

Frizzing up throughout the day? Apply on dry hair for frizz protection on the go. 

STEP 4: Seal the Deal

Need a little extra shine and softness? Stylist favorite, Pure Polish, is the perfect finishing gloss infused with Kukui Nut and Safflower Oil to tame frizz and flyaways with exceptional shine. 

Your final line of defense does just what the name indicates... EuforaStyle Tame is a frizz control hairspray with light hold and high humidity defense that adds a hint of shine while reducing frizz and flyaways. 

This is your go-to finishing duo for humid climates. 

Ready to Lock Out Humidity and Put an End to Frizz and Flyaways?

The Frizz and Flyaway Regimen is your go to triple layer defense to give you frizz control and humidity protection to get you through the summer months and beyond. 

Don’t forget to add your favorite cleanse, condition, and treatment products to ensure healthy, restored, and moisturized hair.

The Regimen Includes:

  • EuforaStyle Behave styling cream
  • EuforaStyle Pure Polish finishing gloss 
  • Eufora Style Tame frizz control hair spray