Into The Woods Fall/Winter 2018

Style Campaign -


Into The Woods -

Hair by Philip Carreon for Eufora Photography: Church

Make Up: Alexa Hernandez
Wardrobe Stylist: Rose Grandquist
Wardrobe Designer: Gina Tyler and RSN Boheme

A visually exquisite editorial that blends fairy-like natural elements with fresh and wearable neo-precision haircuts.

Model with blue hair

Floats of Artisan Direct Dye tie together subtle highs and lows into one solid sheet of stunningly designed hair for perfect fashion alignment with nature.

Model with violet hair

Moveable style that changes like leaves in the wind - bouncing and catching the play of light. Ultimately finding its way back to form.

Grey scale model with closeup on short bob cut hairstyle

A deep focus on depth, line and mass unveils the unique luminosity in the haircut.

Model with copper toned hair

Power tools from Eufora delivered a perfect photo finish.

RETAIN heat styling spray
Protect from photo session heat, and hold style flawlessly.

GLOSS dry shine spray
Optimal shine without moisture creates a flawless finish with frizz resistance.

Retain and Gloss hair styling products