ME TIME... Morning Noon or Night

ME TIME... Morning Noon or Night

Feeling frazzled?

Is Your mind power stretched to the max?

As we try to adapt to an ever evolving new normal, one thing that is clear…..everyday life seems to have more moments of crazy than calm!  The CDC recently reported that the number of Americans showing signs of depression is  four times higher this June than last year.*(  Now more than ever your mental health may rely on your ability to refresh your state of mind in those moments when dark clouds and brain cobwebs threaten your sense of balance and wellbeing.

Wondering how to invite calm?

Check out our three favorite de-stressers, perfect for a quick attitude adjustment - morning, noon or night - in a matter of minutes!

Grab your “GRATITUDE” journal

Each morning when you wake up (or anytime you need a mindshift), take 5 minutes to think about all that you are grateful for in your life, capture your thoughts in writing and then add how you can apply your gratitude notes to your goals for the day. Focus your energy on those things that can make the day ahead great. Remember that even a small positive gesture, or kindness, can make a big impact in how you feel. Spending these few minutes each day acknowledging goodness helps you recognize, and act upon, the positive opportunities in matter how negative the headlines!  If you were dreading the day ahead, this is an amazingly quick attitude adjustment. 

Eufora Tip: Keep BECHILL Air Mist bedside. You can mist calm into your morning with a spritz or two before you begin journaling!

Schedule a 10 minute mental break

With hours each day spent in front of a computer - email, web, virtual meetings - just sitting at your desk can be exhausting.  So mark your calendar for a scheduled mental break each afternoon. Just 10 minutes to do some deep breathing, empty your mind of any daily mayhem, and reframe your mood back to balanced.  It’s as simple as lighting an aromatherapy candle, turning on some calming music and practicing a quick meditation. Make sure you schedule your mental break daily. If you don’t, you will always find an excuse to give that time up to something other than yourself!   When you are finished, try rubbing a small drop of a calming essential oil blend like Eufora UNWIND + MIXIT onto your wrists and behind your ears to help keep the stress at bay.

Wash away the day

When you’ve had a rough day, a soothing shower can help wash it away. Set the mood  by lightning an aromatherapy candle that instills calm. The soothing scents of Eufora BECHILL and BELIEVE aromatherapy candles will fit the bill. Next, grab your Aloetherapy Hair-Body Cleanse and loofah and step into a warm rain shower. Breathe deep and begin exfoliating away the cares of your day.  Turn off the shower and drip dry for a moment allowing your freshly cleansed skin to absorb much needed hydration.  Step out of the shower and liberally apply Eufora MIXIT OIL to your body while skin is still damp.  It will help lock in the moisture while nourishing skin with the benefits of 7 botanical oils, extending the benefits of your scentsory shower time!

No time for a three step routine?

Whether you choose one, or work all three into your day is up to you. You are the measure of your own mind set, and know when it is time for a mental break.  The good news is that whenever you make time for yourself, you improve your state of well being and that sense of positivity carries forward with you as you engage in your daily routine.  Nothing better for your aura than an instant attitude adjustment!

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