Ways to Reuse the Beauty Bag

Ways to Reuse the Beauty Bag

Excuse us we are trying to save the planet 

We’ve starting thinking differently and looking ‘outside the box’ with our special offers to make something marvelous out of the discarded. 

We ditched the traditional promo gift set boxes for something new by offering special promos that can easily be up-cycled and repurposed. Our Holiday Birch Gift Boxes were the start. We are continuing this commitment by introducing 6 limited edition beauty bags that will be released every 6 weeks throughout the year. 

Each bag is a uniquely designed, sustainable fashion statement. Designs feature inspirational artwork reflecting street art and the power of nature. 

We encourage you to get creative with how you reuse your bag! 

Here are a few ways to upcycle the beauty bag:

  • Just add a strap for a purse or fanny pack

  • Ditch the paper gift bag and use this instead

  • A beag bag for glasses, key, phone, etc

  • Make it your new make-up bag

  • A tech bag for mini-tablet, earbuds, camera, phone cords etc

  • First Aid Kit to keep in your car

  • Lunch pack or kids snack pack

We would love to see how you repurpose your Beauty Bag.

Tag @euforainternational in your social post and use the hashtag #EuforaUpcycles to share your joy with the word. 


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