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Which Treatment is Right for You? Remedies for All Hair
Types & Concerns.

There is no magic one size fits all for troubled tresses. Damage like split ends and breakage require different solutions than frizz, dryness or color protection. Heavy masques may leave fine hair flat and leave-ins alone may not be enough for coarse hair. Whether you're a curly girl looking for serious frizz control or a towhead wanting to brighten and nourish without adding weight, look no further, your remedy is our treat!

Ideal for: This heavenly hydration is perfect for extra dry, damaged hair from fine to coarse.

What makes it great: A luxurious blend of shea butter and maximum concentration of Damage Cure Complex™ penetrate deeply to restore even the most brittle hair from the inside out.

What you can expect: Hair will instantly feel more moisturized and with continued use you’ll see increased strength, manageability and vibrancy.

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Urgent Repair Shampoo


Ideal for: A friend to all hair types, this daily leave-in treatment has multiple benefits and can be used alone or as part of a more intense moisture routine.

What makes it great: More than a regular leave-in, Leave-In Repair detangles, controls frizz, improves strength and elasticity, not to mention it provides heat styling and color protection!

What you can expect: Multiple benefits, including moisture for touchable locks without adding weight.

Cleansing Treatment


Ideal for: Our hair superhero, ElixirONE™ is your ONE magic potion ideal for all hair types.

What makes it great: This powerful hair perfecting oil treatment delivers a potent dose of Damage Cure Complex™ and VIbrant Hair Color Complex™.

What you can expect: Moisture is restored, softness is increased and shine is enhanced without any oily or greasy feeling.

Ideal for: More than a daily conditioner, but lighter than a weekly masque, this replenisher is ideal for extra dry or damaged hair. 

What makes it great: A hydration workhorse, this treatment provides moisture and frizz control without any added weight. 

What you can expect: Count on Replenishing Treatment to deliver soft, smooth, shiny hair with bounce.

Ideal for:  Breakthrough technology stimulates the scalp and follicles making this treatment essential for fine and thinning hair.   

What makes it great: A concentrated nozzle makes targeting the scalp a cinch, ensuring that Proamino Cell Complex, Proamino Peptide Complex, Coenzyme Q10 and B Vitamins are able to work above and below the surface of the skin.

What you can expect: Scalp Treatment will nourish, protect and deliver nutrients for a healthy scalp environment that is optimal for hair growth.

Ideal for: Perfect for all hair types, but especially anyone experiencing breakage, Fortifi makes a great daily prep spray. 

What makes it great: A mist of this spray-in will provide a healthy dose of protein to help restructure and reinforce while evening porosity.

What you can expect: Using this daily treatment will improve breakage resistance and leave hair feeling strong.

Ideal for: Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads alike can benefit from revived color and vibrancy in between salon visits.

What makes it great: These highly pigmented treatments are available in 4 shades, Blonde, Brunette, Copper and Red so no matter your hue, you can kick color up a notch.

What you can expect: In addition to color deposit, expect to see increased shine and overall condition for hair that looks revitalized.

Ideal for: For all hair types in need of emergency rescue, reach for Urgent Repair, our intense treatment to restore damaged hair.

What makes it great: This protein rich restructuring and replenishing treatment restores moisture and vitality to dry, stressed hair.

What you can expect: Using this treatment daily or weekly will result in not only a healthy scalp environment, but tresses that are less dry to the touch and more resistant to breakage. 



Ideal for: Those with textured or frizz prone hair will be obsessed with this frizz-fighting  leave-in oil treatment. 

What makes it great: Smoothing, weightless and never greasy, this oil, with Smooth’n Complex,  seals in moisture and can be used on damp or dry hair.

What you can expect: Frizzies will be calmed and hair cuticle will be sealed for smoothness without residue.