Why Does My Hair Lose Volume in the Winter? <br><span style="font-size: 18px;"> 5 Tips to Fix Flat, Lifeless Hair

Why Does My Hair Lose Volume in the Winter?
5 Tips to Fix Flat, Lifeless Hair

We’re all familiar with the effect of heat and humidity on hair. Fluff & uncontrollable frizz that are friends to no one… but what happens in the winter? Cold temps, crisp wind & dry weather can bring lifeless, dull, static ridden hair to all hair types.

Cold, dry winter weather deflates volume and seems to just suck the life out of your hair. Ever find yourself asking, “Why does my hair lose volume in the winter?”. Well, there are a few reasons…

Cold Weather = Lifted Cuticle

Low temperatures can actually lift the outer, protective layer of the hair. This makes retaining moisture within your hair shaft a challenge. Without moisture we get breakage, frizz, and just overall bleh hair in the winter. 


High winds, static, and winter clothes

Typical winter attire (scarves, hats, big jackets) definitely play a part! Hats (especially wool) can strip away moisture and if you aren't allowing your hair to completely dry/cool before putting it on… forget about any kind of volume once you take it off! 


Constant temperature changes

Going from cold outdoor dryness to immediate indoor artificial warmth is a recipe for frizz and flyaways. While it’s hard to avoid these temperature transitions, it's important to give your hair the right nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to reduce negative effects. 

So don't let your hair drop like the temperature, try some of these hair hacks instead!

1. What shampoo should I use for volume?

Nourishing your hair with the right balance of moisture and nutrients is the first step. The easiest way to get started is in the shower. 

Eufora Volumizing Shampoo restores body to flat, lifeless hair without dehydrating it by infusing strands with wheat and quinoa proteins that plump, strengthen, and repair the hair shaft. 

[Pro Tip: Many volumizing shampoos give the “illusion of volume” by dehydrating your hair. This may give you temporary effects but will compromise your hair’s strength and ability to retain styles.] 

2. What is the Right Conditioner to use for volume?

Ever skipped conditioner because you're worried it'll just weigh your hair down? When you're looking to enhance volume and bounce to your hair, it may feel contradictory to condition after you cleanse. If you have a finer hair texture, your hair actually has a lesser protein structure and can be prone to dryness and breakage. 

Eufora’s Daily Balance Conditioner will help restore the necessary protein structure to increase manageability and prevent breakage while adding weightless moisture.

Tip: Ending your shower with a cold-water rinse and/or your blow-dry session with a blast of cool air can help smooth and seal the cuticle so that moisture is locked and loaded.

3. What styling products help create volume?

Once you're out of the shower and you're ready to style, it's time to grab some major volumizing products.

[PRO TIP: Extra brittle, dry hair? Use Fortifi Keratin Repair and comb through wet hair to fill porosity and enhance strength and manageability.]

The Best Eufora Products to Create Volume, Lift, and Separation:


Volume Fusion: Going for a big, voluminous blow out? Apply this heat activated volumizing spray on your roots (and ends if needed) when your hair is about 70% dry for unlimited volume and lift. 

Boost: Need a major “boost” at the root line? On towel dried hair, spray Boost directly onto the root line prior to blow drying. 

Formation: This versatile styling foam mousse is perfect for sculpting, volumizing, and texturizing. Blow dry in towel dried hair for volume and control and use on dry hair for texture and separation. (This ones great for curly girls!)

Powder Lift: Short on time or on the run? Use Power Lift for instant volume and lift at the root! Sprinkle this unique powder on dry roots to create instant volume, lift, and separation or blend into your favorite styling product. 

Full Effect: Give your finished look a little texture and fullness by liberally spraying Full Effect throughout the ends and mid shaft of your hair. This one is called “a hairdresser in a can” for a reason!

4. How to use hot tools for more volume:

Tip 1: Try flipping your head over while you blow dry. Once you're done, stay in that position for about 30 seconds while the hair cools to help set the volume. 

Tip 2: Use a round vented brush. Clip the hair in different sections and curl your hair around the brush while you blow dry. 

Tip 3: Crimp It!: Using your waver/crimper, give the root a little lift by adding a quick and light wave or go for some random waves throughout the hair. 

Of course don't forget the heat protectant : EuforaStyle Retain and EuforaStyle Thermal Defense Prep.

5. Take a More Devoted Route and visit your stylist!

Your hair stylist will be able to use expert cutting, layering, and coloring techniques to give you a thicker, fuller look based on your hair type and desired style. Once you add your volumizing products… your hair will be unstoppable. 

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