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DIY Undone

DIY Undone

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A great colorist’s  skill set should always  include the ability to correct a “do it yourself” home color correction.

What do you do when a client calls desperate to correct the color she attempted on her own?  Eufora Colorist, Caitlyn Bernhard, from Colours Beauty & Wellness Salon says, “Tell them not to go any further on their own, and then get them into the salon ASAP for some professional TLC!"

Caitlyn shared a recent DIY Undone success story with Eufora, explaining how she tackled a client’s damaged, over-processed “Pink Splatter” - the result of the client trying to remove pink at-home hair color on her own.  The client had used a DIY bleach cocktail, applied to her entire head, to try to remove the pink. The pink didn’t budge, but the bleach lifted her natural roots to a level 7-8, adding yet another color complexity to her hair.  Well past the point of no return, the client called Caitlyn in the hopes of fixing the damage that had been done. 

The Pink Splatter Undone Process: 

  1. Prepare compromised hair with Eufora Urgent Repair Treatment applied to most damaged areas prior to coloring. (Apply directly to dry hair, no rinsing.)
  2. Mix AloeLite 9 Level Lightener with 10 volume developer at a 1:2 mixing ratio, and apply to the dark pink band on mid-shafts. (Spot bleach.) 
  3. Mix AloeLite Cream Lightener and AloeLite Blue Bleaching Powder with 15 volume developer at a 1:2 mixing ratio and apply to the remaining pink hair. 
  4. Apply AloeLite Cream Lightener and AloeLite Blue Bleaching Powder with 15 volume developer over remaining hair to remove any unwanted yellow.  
  5. Shampoo out lightener 3 times to ensure no residue remains, then apply Eufora Urgent Repair Treatment, allow to penetrate for 10 minutes and rinse lightly. 
  6. Pre-tone using 20g Low Ammonia 12.12/AV 30g + No Ammonia 10.12/AV + 10g No Ammonia 8.01/NA mixed with 7 volume developer at a 1:2 mixing ratio for 15 minutes. 
  7. Thoroughly dry and section out a “hidden halo” in the back (from ear to ear, dipping just below the occipital bone). Starting at the nape, brick lay back-to-back foils alternating between panels of Artisan Direct Dye - Purple Iris, Aloe Green and Teal Waters (or custom blended tones of your choice). Feather color in panels toward the scalp, leaving a 1-to-2-inch gap at the base of the hair. 
  8. Mix equal parts Low Ammonia 12.12/AV + No Ammonia 8.01/NA with 5 volume developer at a 1:2 mixing ratio. Apply to the top section of hair; process for 25 minutes.
  9. Clip the top section up, then rinse out the Artisan Direct Dye with cool water and high pressure until water runs clear. Drop the top section, cleanse all with Eufora Hydrating Shampoo and rinse. 
  10. Apply Eufora ColorElixir, Step 2, allow to penetrate for 10 minutes then rinse well.
  11. Apply Beautifying Elixirs ElixirOne to ends and bang pieces, then follow with Eufora Color Locking Cocktail of EuforaStyle Sculpture & Illuminate.
  12. Apply EuforaStyle Pure Polish for shine, followed by EuforaStyle Boost at the roots for lift, then power dry and finish the style.

While the color correction process is rarely quick or easy, working a well thought out plan with care and diligence is what earns a colorist top dollar.  Pink Splatter Undone was no exception.  The full process took over half the day, but the result was worth the time and dollar investment for both Caitlyn and the client.  The fresh “hidden rainbow halo” under a beautiful blonde base was an unexpected confidence booster for the client; and, as requested, no trace of the pink remained!

To see more of Caitlyn’s work, follow Caitlyn on Instagram @caitlyncolours. To learn more about EuforaColor, AloeLite Lighteners or Artisan Direct Dye visit 




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