Toning Solution


This 5 Volume (1.5%) Developer has a thinner viscosity than EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer, giving it softer fluidity for the ideal solution to creating the perfect demi-permanent toner. Mixed 1:2 with any EuforaColor No Ammonia Shade, EuforaColor Toning Solution brings convenience to the colorist as it is thin enough to be used with an applicator bottle if desired. For the bowl and brush enthusiast, simply add 8 to 10 drops of COLOR CONTROL to thicken slightly for application ease.

When used with EuforaColor No Ammonia shades, this lower volume developer is powerful enough for even toning, yet gentle enough to maintain the hair strands pre-lightened tone without further exposing unwanted underlying pigment.

Colorists know that the best tools available help us create our vision. EuforaColor provides this new power tool to keep us ahead of our competition. While Universal Cream Developer 7 Volume (2.1%) is a great “go to” tool when you want to create a creamy toner formula with strong definition for medium to dense hair, the new Toning Solution 5 Volume (1.5%) will be your latest “must have” for perfect bottle application, creating options for all hair types with softer results.

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