Rebelle Femme

Confident, beautiful and bold personalities shine through strong haircuts with calculated geometric silhouettes. Illusionary color placements reveal themselves in movement and shape shifting.

The Eufora Spring Summer Collection evokes a fierce, fresh, fashion forward femininity we call reBELLE FEMME.

Disrupting the solidity of the structure with interior hidden layers and texturizing techniques allows for versatility that defines the dichotomy of a precise yet modifiable geometric style. Shape and form are emphasized through precise color sectioning and placement, painting each haircut canvas with solids, panels, freehand artistry, baby and bold highlights. All are fair game when marrying strong personality and style.

Hair: Eufora International Design Team: Creative Director Philip Carreon, Style Director Mirza Batanovic and Artistic Director Dee Fortier

Make-up: Elle Leary

Photography: Pablo Aguilar