Urban Angels Collection

Style Campaign -

URBAN ANGELS - Eufora Spring/Summer 2019

Lightness & shadow, curvature & line - Beauty resonating from an unexpected perspective. Imagine a hybrid reality where structural design elements are mirrored in the street styling of our own Urban Angels. Texture, layers and warm muted tones create a positive vibe and play on your senses when juxtaposed against a traditionally cold, gritty, concrete cityscape.

Philip Carreon, Eufora Creative Director 

Philip Carreon, Eufora Creative Director 
Dana Caschetta, Eufora National Trainer 
Joanne Rempel, Eufora Color Manager 
BJ Noman, Eufora National Trainer

Kacie SheaAnya Standrowics, Jeddidiah Hagman, Chandler Parks 

MAKEUP: Nina Reminder 


VIDEO: Joe Pease + Ron Rauto 

WARDROBE: Danielle Rauto