VisionQuest 2017

The highlight of the Eufora VisionQuest event was the celestial runway presentation, BEAUTY UNDER THE STARS, where the Eufora Creative Team lead by Creative Director and celebrity stylist, Philip Carreon, delivered an amazing runway show and live cutting demonstration inspired by the strength of women and their recent ReBelle Femme collection. Models appeared in early century attire and were transformed into powerful ReBelle Femme warriors as the production unfolded to the music of live opera and an acapella group with hair and wardrobe that reinforced the celestial mood.Visit to see more looks from the show.

Style Team:
- Philip Carreon, Creative Director  | Assistant: Jeffrey Mayo
- Dee Fortier, Artistic Design Director   | Assistant: Shereen Doucette
- Mirza Batanovic, Style Director   | Assistant: Dana Caschetta
- Neil Smith, UK Style Director   | Assistant: Julie Cross
- Joanne Remple, Colorist

- Opera Singer: Natalie Moran Clegg
Stylist: Jeffrey Mayo  | Makeup: Erika Cecilia
- Acapella Group: M-PACT
Stylists: Julie Cross, Dana Cashetta, Dana Howard, Stevie DeCaro

Brittany Anderson  | Erika Cecilia |  Katherine Hart

Philip Carreon  | Carol Pacelli

Ron Rauto - Video  | Pablo Aguilar - Photos