Wanderlust Collection


Behind the scenes on the Eufora Spring 2018 Style Campaign Shoot: WANDERLUST

Discover a sanctuary of unexpected shapes and color. Transformational musings that encourage a sense of playful self-expression. Explore new paths. Embrace the journey. The color palette chosen breaks free from tradition. Warm variations of gold supported by playful cool pastels offer an interesting juxtaposition of tones. Whispers of contrasting tones work in perfect balance to create unusual harmony. Crescent placements, inspired by desert sand dunes, provide movement only seen with curved lines that replicate hair in motion.

Philip Carreon, Creative Director  @philipcarreonstyle
Dee Fortier, Artistic Design Director @deeva1964
Mirza Batanovic, U.S. Style Director @mirza.batanovic

Vlada Fox (Philip) @vladaisafox
Saphira Tuffery (Dee) @peanut.head
Ellen Chapman (Mirza) @ellenchaps

Brittany Anderson  @its_brittanyb_mua  Erika Cecilia @erikasbeautybar

Evan Duning  @evanduning

Ron Rauto @ronrauto.  Oliver Dela Cruz @delacruzcontrol