INLOVE Pure Essential Oil Blend

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An intoxicating blend of essential oils including clove leaf, ylang ylang and nutmeg sets a serene and sensual mood.


  • An OIL is ESSENTIAL in the sense that it contains the “essence” of the plant’s fragrance – it’s volatile aroma compounds
  • Essential Oils invite attitude adjustment
  • Perfectly balanced in a natural wax blend of coconut and soy
  • Essential Oils can help de-stress, energize or even set a cozy, romantic mood
  • Essential Oils are primarily used in FOUR different ways: DIFFUSE, BREATHE IN, topical application and ingest. Eufora essential oil blends are NOT for topical application or ingestion.


Add 5 – 10 drops of Eufora Pure Essential Oil Blend to diffuser or carrier oil, depending on aroma intensity preferred.


0.5 Oz. (15 mL)

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