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Delivers texture and body with a medium pliable hold and natural finish. Light weight, water soluble formula makes it easy to wash from hands and hair and won’t clog follicles. The Eufora exclusive ProAmino Peptide Complex™ provides wear-in treatment benefits.


  • Palm Wax, Coconut Wax, Beeswax and Rapeseed Wax are naturally derived to provide hold without clogging the hair follicle
  • Aloe Vera provides important nutrients, essential amino acids, moisture and legendary rejuvenation benefits necessary for optimum skin health• Licorice Root Extract provides anti-inflammatory benefits and reduces itching and flaking
  • 5-Alpha Avocuta derived from Avocado Pear controls sebum production that can lead to a greasy appearance, redness and itching
  • Coenzyme Q10 provides powerful antioxidant protection against harmful free-radicals and environmental factors
  • Neem Seed Oil provides antibacterial and antiseptic benefits to help clear the scalp of imperfections while acting as a vasodilator for stimulation


Work through damp or dry hair and style as desired.


2 oz. (60 mL)

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