universal color drops

A Game Changer for Blonding Perfection

With new innovative technology - these drops fight warmth in any lightening, color, or conditioning treatment. Our high-grade pigments now resist lightener’s degrading effect but remain gentle for various professional services. Adaptability is key – add them to any masque, demi-permanent color, oxidative color, or lightening treatments. Say goodbye to warmth with ease!

Color Control Blue

Banishes Brassy Copper Tones

Color Control Purple

Combats Yellow Gold Tones

Color Control Purple

Real, Unretouched Results.

Color Control Blue

Real, Unretouched Results.


COLOR CONTROL universal color drops incorporate cutting-edge pigment technology with very specific properties. The original concept was to be able to add them to lightener, but testing showed their versatility in all color services and masque products, offering unparalleled control.

These cutting-edge pigments, known as direct dyes, are exceptionally resilient even in more aggressive environments like those involving persulfates or oxidation processes. This unique formula is tailored for professional use, requiring a trained colorist to gauge the precise number of drops needed for each product they’re mixed with.

 Just like any hair color treatment, how long the color lasts depends on a few factors: the amount of drops used, hair porosity, and the type of service performed. The longevity hinges on the medium they’re used in. For instance, when added to a masque, they provide a surface toning that lasts several washes by only penetrating the cuticle layer. Blending them with a direct-dye or demi-permanent service allows them to penetrate the outer cortex layer. With oxidative color, they reach deeper into the cortex, and even deeper with a lightener. Essentially, they seamlessly integrate with the product they’re mixed with for optimal performance.

COLOR CONTROL universal color drops were created to complement all professional color services. They’ve undergone successful testing with multiple brands, yielding consistently positive outcomes.

COLOR CONTROL universal color drops act like an intensifier without changing the formula or timing when used correctly. However, adding too many drops may over-neutralize warmth, leading to a less desirable outcome. Timing remains unchanged, but you may notice improved results, potentially avoiding a second process to reach your desired color level and tonal goal.

Absolutely! Just keep in mind that the aim is to counteract warmth, rather than intensifying blue or purple tones.

COLOR CONTROL universal color drops were formulated to enhance all professional hair color services and effortlessly integrate into both PPD and PTD-based colors. Just remember, they’re specifically designed to counteract warmth, so you might need to tweak the number of drops used when creating a cooler formula, like intense ash shades.

COLOR CONTROL universal color drops are crafted to tackle warmth at any level. While they excel in blonding, they’re also effective in controlling warmth for brunettes.

We suggest using them in a conditioning masque rather than a shampoo for more predictable and satisfactory results. You’ll likely notice better longevity and overall outcomes with a masque.

Direct use will permanently stain the hair. To avoid staining, use COLOR CONTROL universal color drops as directed on the instruction grid. It shows the precise number of drops needed for each color, lightening, or conditioning treatment for best results.

To create a permanent stain when mixing with a masque, you’d need a significant number of drops – more than an entire bottle. Therefore, it’s advised to refer to the instruction chart included in the COLOR CONTROL universal color drop box for the best results.