3 Ways Pro Treatments Enhance the Guest Experience

There are only 2 ways to grow your business: (1) Find new guests or (2) Go deeper with existing guests.

The new Eufora PROTREATMENT Category empowers your salon to do both while enhancing your guests’ experience to create raving fans of your business. Below we have listed the Top 3 Ways this new category can elevate your business along with the tips, tricks, and strategies to successfully implement PROTREATMENT into your salon systems.

1) Your Next Big Business Building Opportunity

The brutal reality of our industry is that ⅔ salons are not run profitably. Between all the hard, rising costs of doing business - salons need all the help and tools they can get to create a consistently high retailing, profitable business.

Hair cutting and coloring services may range in profitability based on your compensation model, pricing, and how your team works together to deliver services. But one thing that is undeniable is that profits from lower margin salon services alone are not enough for a salon to thrive financially.

Eufora PROTREATMENT has an application cost of $1.20 per service.

Depending on your market, clientele, and history with in-salon treatments… pricing for PROTREATMENTS may range from $30 - $65+ per treatment. Even at an estimated (conservative) price of $40.00 per service… 100 PROTREATMENT services have the potential to generate $4,000 in highly profitable service sales!


Net Profit for PROTREATMENT 

= Service Sales (-) Product Cost (-) Provider Commission 

= $4,000 (-) $120 (-) $2,000 


= $1,880


After taking out the product cost as well as service provider commission (if applicable), your business can create a Net Profit of $1,880.00!


Let’s put this into context:

To create this amount of net profit in retail sales (average 38% profit margin), you would need to sell almost $5,000 worth of retail (~165 products). To generate this amount of net profit in service sales (average profit of 10%), you would need to sell over $18,000 worth of cutting and color services! 


The average application time for a PROTREATMENT when added onto an existing service is 15-20 minutes making it one of the most profitable, time efficient services to introduce into your salon’s service portfolio. As a stand alone service, the average appointment time would range between 30 to 45 minutes depending on shampoo and blow dry time required.


Don’t overlook the opportunity to generate NEW GUESTS by using PROTREATMENTS as an incentive to come experience your salon and leave with instantly transformed hair or scalp health! Adding a complementary (or discounted) PROTREATMENT incentive to your existing referral program can help convert more guests with a service you know will have them coming back for more!


2) The “Problem Solvers” - Instant and Long Lasting Results

Hair stylist, fashion consultant, therapist… salon professionals have been called many different names! However, we can all agree that the role of “Problem Solver” is at the heart of the hairdressing community. Curious about the top problems clients are facing? GCI Magazine surveyed a sample size of 3,400 women all with various hair types, curl patterns, budgets, spending habits and purchasing influences.

Here is what they found: 

Out of those women surveyed, the top 5 hair concerns are:

#1 Frizz
#2 Dry hair
#3 Split ends
#4 Lack of shine and luster
#5 Limp hair, lacks volume

Out of those surveyed: 

57% want Healthier Hair
49% are searching for Moisture/Conditioning
40% look to Eliminate Frizz
38% desire more Shine
37% need to Repair Damaged Hair
36% want enhanced Hair Strength

When surveyed, the top 3 decision influencers for this group were:

#1 Product must directly answer their hair concern
#2 Price (no surprise here)
#3 Clean/Good for Hair Ingredients

This is where the power of PROTREATMENTS comes in...

Instant gratification. Customized solutions. Clean, non-toxic formulas. Lasting results.

Eufora PROTREATMENTS are designed to deliver long lasting vitality and hair health back to your guests withAdvanced technology penetrates deep into the hair strand to strengthen the internal keratin structure of the hair by creating additional hydrogen and ionic bonds.





Every Eufora PROTREATMENT has a goal. Whether it’s taming unruly, frizzy hair, repairing severe damage, or rejuvenating and relieving a dry, itchy, flakey scalp… your salon’s recommended take home care is essential to elongate your treatment service benefits and have your guests’ hair looking and feeling beautiful until their next visit to the salon.

But remember… NOTHING sells itself! Your consultation and professional recommendation need to drive the conversation on not only recommending the proper treatment, but also on proper at home maintenance. Harness the power of Eufora's 8 Steps to Salon Success to unlock the full potential of your professional recommendation.



Following the rapdidREPAIR treatment:

Beautifying Elixirs
Bodifying Shampoo & Conditioner

Damage Cure Complex repairs and renews vitality to fine/medium hair without weight

Beautifying Elixirs
Moisture Intense Shampoo

Damage Cure Complex repairs and renews vitality to medium/coarse hair

Beautifying Elixirs
Moisture Masque

Ultra-rich masque that restores critical moisture loss

Beautifying Elixirs

A.K.A. the “hair perfecting potion”. A next generation oil and leave-in treatment

Following the frizzCONTROL treatment:

The Smooth’n Regimen

Natural oils, botanical extracts, amino acids, and vitamins work synergistically to transform coarse, unruly hair

EuforaStyle Behave

Lock out humidity and fight frizz while adding lightweight styling control

EuforaStyle Straightening Balm

Straightens and smoothes frizzy, curly and wavy hair for a soft and moveable blowout

Following the scalpREMEDY treatment:

Aloetherapy Hair & Body Cleanse

Gentle replenishes while calming and soothing irritations

Urgent Repair Treatment

Soothes a dry, itchy scalp while restructuring protein balance

Aloetherapy Moisture Mist

Potent dose of instant moisture and soothing Aloe Stem Cells

Beautifying Serum

Unique antioxidant rich oil complex hair, skin, and scalp

How many of my guests will add or schedule a Eufora PROTREATMENT?
Harnessing and amplifying the Power of Eufora’s 8 Steps to Salon Success with the right dialogue and focus can skyrocket your PROTREATMENT business to account for a substantial portion of your revenue! Heather Yurko of Neatbeat Salon guides us through their 3 part system that has helped skyrocket service add on and upgrade sales. 


CASE STUDY: Neatbeat Salon in Louisville, KY

“Upgrades, Add Ons, and Treatments account for on average of 11% of our entire salon revenue. The right dialogue and guest experience system leads to almost 50% of all of our guests adding on one of our featured “Treatbeat” services.

Our “Treatbeat Menu” and how we present it to our guests while they are waiting for their stylists is a key driver that skyrocketed this program.

STEP 1: Prepare the Team Our Guest Happiness Team is always experiencing our add ons and upgrades so they are knowledgeable and can speak to each upgrade and highlight the most recent one they have experienced. Our guest happiness team has 3 different points of reference:

STEP 2: The Check In and Presentation Upon check-in, our Guest Happiness Team presents every guest with our treatment menu as they walk them over to the waiting area. Once the guest takes their seat, the team members hands them the Treatbeat Menu with the following dialogue:

“While your artist is preparing for your service… explore our Treatbeat menu. I’d highly recommend “X” as I just had this done and it made my hair feel “Y”. Let your artist know which of these you would like!”

Each team member is equipped with:

1. A personal testimony

2. A recently popular service to discuss and point out (check your calendar and recommend seasonally relevant services!)

3. A monthly special that specifically focuses on one service and the special pricing that allows the team members to specifically speak to the Service of the Month

STEP 3: The Ask!

When the artist comes to pick up their guest they ALWAYS ask for the sale by asking them “Which one of our Treatbeat services are we going with today?”.

Of course there are several opportunities throughout the service to upgrade or add on - but that initial menu presentation and dialogue was what skyrocketed our conversion rate for add ons and upgrades.” - Heather Yurko, NeatBeat Salon