Renew a Touchy-Feely Relationship with Your Hair

Healthy, Vibrant Hair

Hair, no matter what type, endures daily environmental stresses along with styling practices that can leave it dry, dull and starving for moisture. These nourishing solutions are powered by science-backed botanical extracts, proteins, and oils proven to strengthen, replenish, and protect for softer, shinier, moveable, touchable hair.

Nature's Most Nourishing Ingredients

Based in 100% Aloe Vera Gel

The Eufora Protein System


Botanical Blend

Free From Artificial Aromas, Colorants,
Parabens, Phthalates, Gluten, Mineral Oil,
Propylene Glycol, Formaldehyde


Perfectly Balanced Protein Blends

Unique blends of plant based proteins are used throughout these nourishing formulas to deliver strength, combat damage, improve elasticity, and balance moisture for healthier, shinier hair. Each protein has a specific molecular weight which affects how it absorbs and performs in the hair.

At the lightest molecular weight, wheat amino acids penetrate deep into the hair to plump the hair shaft, attract moisture, provide strength, and restore fullness.

Small enough to penetrate but large enough to coat the shaft and visibility enhance shine and color protection.

Soy protein is the heaviest molecular weight and has the ability to coats the hair shaft to smooth, soften, and promote shine while protecting the hair shaft on the outside.

Wheat Amino Acids
Quinoa Protein
Soy Protein

expert pairings

Cleanse & Condition

Weightless Volume


Nourishing Hydration

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Detox and Restore

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Beautifying Serum is a dynamic, multipurpose formula. Argan, kukui, cranberry, and neem oils along with omega fatty acids nourish hair, skin and scalp from the inside out and provide an excellent wear-in treatment experience.

Nourishing Treatments

This protein rich, weightless formula brings life back to hair sustaining damage from chemical and environmental stresses. Fortifi evens out the porosity of the hair and increases strength and elasticity.

This protein-rich daily leave-in moisturizing treatment provides hydration, frizz control and damage protection from heat styling and environmental stresses without added weight.