Eufora HERO for Men™

A Synergy of Science & Nature

Eufora HERO for Men™ hair care formulations are developed with the Eufora ProAmino Peptide Complex™, a proprietary blend of botanicals, vitamins, proteins, and amino acids proven to reduce hair follicle atrophy and anchor hair to scalp.

HERO products never contain Petrolatum or Mineral Oil, and formulas that match the natural pH of our skin ensure the ideal environment for hair growth. No residue, no buildup! 

Cleanse & Treat

Hair and scalp solutions to keep his hair and scalp in optimal condition

Complete Shampoo

Concentrated luxury hair and body shampoo. Soothes irritation, strengthens and conditions hair and scalp for optimal hair growth. Ideal for fine and thinning hair.

Revitalizing Treatment

Treatment to soothe irritation, strengthen and condition hair and scalp. Improves blood circulation and delivers vital nutrients to the hair follicle.

Scalp Rescue

Innovative treatment for fine and thinning hair. Delivers a maximum dosage of Eufora exclusive ProAmino Peptide Complex™ to soothe irritation, strengthen and condition hair and scalp for optimum hair health and retention.

Black Clay Shampoo

Optimal cleansing solution for dry, flaky hair and scalp.

Exfoliating Treatment

Conditioning treatment to help soothe irritation, itching and flaky scalp. Utilizes finely milled charcoal for gentle exfoliation.

Shave & Smooth

Shave solutions and body care to keep him perfectly groomed

Exceptional Shave

The ultimate 3-in- 1 pH balanced shave solution. The non-foaming formula makes "marking out" detail easy on cheeks and neck.

Classic Shave

pH balanced shave cream. Ultra lubricating for a barber close shave. Protects against shaving irritation.

Shave Brush

The perfect balance of strength and softness. Gently exfoliates the skin while raising beard hairs to achieve a barber close shave every time.

Post Shave

Soothing after shave balm to calm and moisturize skin.

Moisture Lotion

Hand and body lotion for normal to dry skin. pH balanced for acid mantle protection.


A variety of finishing products to smooth, control and enhance any style

Conditioning Control

Light spray to tame frizz, curl and texture. Ideal for longer styles.

LIGHT Hold  +  NATURAL Shine

Grooming Cream

Soft cream with incredible frizz control. Ideal for tousled texture. 

MEDIUM Hold  +  LOW Shine

Firm Hold Gel

Traditional gel for maximum hold. Ideal for slick styles.

FIRM Hold  +  HIGH Shine

Classic Pomade

Traditional pomade with a light touch. Ideal for classic styles.

LIGHT Hold  +  HIGH Shine

Styling Mud

Heavy flexible cream. Ideal for purposeful separation and style. 


Molding Paste

Light cream for texture and body. Ideal for defined pieciness. 


Power Pomade

Strong pomade with pliable benefits and no crunch. Ideal for high shine definition. 

FIRM Hold  +  HIGH Shine

Texture Putty

Super strong putty without crunch. Ideal for matte messy styles. 

FIRM Hold  +  MATTE Shine

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