The Science of Eufora Thickening

The Best of Botanical and Clinical Science

Cutting Edge Plant-Based Technology

The Eufora Thickening Technology addresses three key areas to promote fuller, thicker hair:

Eufora Texture, Curl, and Wave formulas are designed to put you in total control of your texture. Performance driven formulas are based in Organic Aloe Vera and infused with unique plant-based technologies and science backed botanicals and oils to help you enhance or smooth your curl pattern to create your desired style.

Cutting Edge Plant-Based Technology

Recipient of the SUPPLY SIDE WEST EDITORS CHOICE AWARD in hair care for achievements in innovation and market significance.

The ProAmino Cell Complex™

The Eufora Thickening regimen brings together the best of the botanical and clinical worlds with the ProAmino Cell Complex™. An advanced combination of the ProAmino Peptide Complex™  and Aloe Stem Cell Therapy works synergistically above and below the scalp surface to help prevent the creation of DHT, anchor the bulb to the scalp, and reduce fall out and follicle atrophy. Nanosome nutrient technology allows for deeper penetration and continuous release of powerful vitamins and antioxidants for more effective performance.

The ProAmino Peptide Complex

The ProAmino Peptide ComplexTM helps creates the optimum scalp environment for healthy hair growth by:

  • Helping to inhibit 5-Alpha Reductase 
  • Nourishing and protecting the scalp
  • Helping prevent follicle atrophy and anchors the bulb to the scalp
  • Using plant extracts known for antiseptic and antibacterial benefits 
  • Helps reduce sebum and appearance of a shiny scalp

Testosterone and 5-Alpha Reductase (enzyme) react to form DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). If you are genetically sensitive to DHT, your follicles will experience miniaturization over time. This is when the follicle slowly “shrinks'' and new hair growth is thinner, finer, and more brittle Eventually, if not treated, DHT will permanently damage the follicle in a process known as Follicle Atrophy. When DHT rests in the follicles it also disrupts the natural growth cycle of hair making Anagen (growth) phases shorter, Telogen (resting) phases, longer.

Since DHT is the major culprit in most hair loss cases, a crucial course of action is to regulate or prevent DHT. The formation of DHT from testosterone is directly correlated to the quantity of 5alpha-reductase activity. 

The proprietary Pro Amino Peptide Complex™  helps inhibit or “block” the 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme from reacting with testosterone thus preventing DHT creation both above and below the scalp.

The proprietary Pro Amino Peptide Complex™ of Biotinoyl Tiptide-1, Apigenin, and Oleanolic Acid helps inhibits or “blocks” the 5-Alpha Reductase enzyme from reacting with Testosterone thus preventing DHT creation both above and below the scalp. This helps create the optimum scalp environment to encourage healthy hair growth.

An added benefit of inhibiting 5-Alpha Reductase is regulating sebum production. Butyl Avocadate, derived from Avocado, is proven to slow down sebaceous gland activity by 69%. In addition:

  • 78% of study volunteers reported an improvement in greasy hair
  • 63% reported a soothing effect on scalp irritation
  • 67% reported reduction of flaking and dandruff

Aloe Stem Cell Technology

  • Multiplies the potency of raw Organic Aloe Vera by 1000x
  • Increases Oxygen Output to reduce follicle asphyxiation
  • Delivers a high concentration of amino acids, polysaccharides, and vitamins
  • Utilizes anti-irritant properties to promote scalp health

Aloe Stem Cell Technology

Plant stem cells function in a similar way to human stem cells as each stem cell can be programmed for customized activity. For the Eufora Thickening regimen, Aloe Stem Cells are programmed for delivery of increased oxygen output and the removal of toxins.

Aloe stem cells are produced by activating the aloe plant’s natural self healing mechanisms by damaging the plant and harvesting the stem cells at the damage site. This allows us to multiply the potency of these powerful plant properties up to 1000x offering a concentration not available in the plant’s raw state. This allows formulas to deliver a powerful dose of active ingredients to the hair and scalp.

Coenzyme Q10 Nanosome Encapsulation Technology

Hair follicles need a lot of energy as they are actively growing about 80% of the time. An optimal energy supply by mitochondria and adequate availability of antioxidants is key for combating thinning hair.

Coenzyme Q10 Nanosome Encapsulation Technology

A complex of Coenyzme Q10/Vitamin C & E are encapsulated in nanosomes to provide a deeper, more effective activity to:

  • Deliver essential nutrients for healthy and shiny hair growth
  • Protect against environmental and free radical damage
  • Help energize the hair bulb to encourage growth during the Anagen Phase

As Coenzyme Q10 declines with age, so does the ability of hair follicle cells to divide. This happens because of mitochondrial DNA damage induced by free radicals which compromising the efficiency of the hair follicle. Supplementing hair follicle cells with Coenzyme Q10 helps reenergize the hair growth cells.

Nanoencapsulation Technology is an advanced nutrient delivery system for the powerful Coenzyme Q10 / Vitamin C & E complex to penetrate upper layers of the skin. This brings these active ingredients closer to the site of action for continuous release, and more effective performance.

Studies at Mibelle AG Biochemistry used isolated hair follicles to test the Nanosome encapsulated CoQ10 and its ability to increase hair elongation and followed for a 7 day period. The study concluded that hair growth was enhanced 5% within 4 days and 14% within 7 days.