Curls are no stranger to frizz, dryness, and unpredictability. The 6 Step Eufora Perfect Curl System works with, not against, your natural texture by enhancing your natural curl pattern and helping you avoid damaging habits and ingredients.

You don’t have to behave… but your curls will.

Say yes to more beautiful, bouncy, frizz-free and perfectly predictable curls with this simple 6 step process designed by professional hairdressers.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp! 

Pro Tips:

Heavy build up, oily scalp, or need a full detox? Start with the clarifying cleanser, Urgent Repair Shampoo, to start off your Perfect Curl System with a clean slate or if you wait for long periods of time (10+ days) in between your cleanses.

Meet Your New BFF: A Restorative Conditioner

Pro Tips:

For damaged curls needing a more intense dose of moisture and repair… add a deep conditioning treatment like Replenishing Treatment or Moisture Masque to your regimen. 

Low porosity hair? Use heat and steam to help open the cuticle layer of your hair to further infuse moisturizers into your curls.

We can’t say it loud enough… friction is the enemy!

Leave-In, Oil, then Styler

First: Leave-In and Prep Products

It is essential that your leave-in and prep products go on first to properly penetrate and saturate into the hair to provide the conditioning, curl enhancing, and leave-in benefits. Liberally spray Perfect Curl Activator on damp hair in sections to help enhance your curl structure, hydrate, and add thermal and frizz protection.

Second: Oil

Eufora Oils are extremely nourishing and should be applied before your styler to allow the oils to penetrate the cuticle layer to seal in moisture and nourishing nutrients for hydrated, soft, and manageable curls. For medium to coarse hair needing the ultimate frizz protection, use Oil Therapy to infuse the Smooth’n Oil Complex. For fine to medium texture, use Beautifying Serum.

Third: Styler

Finally layer your styling agent to help seal the cuticle, form your curl, and lock out humidity and frizz. 

Styling Pro Tips:

Aftering applying your prep and style products, use your microfiber towel to scrunch your style into place. This helps clump curls and waves together to create a lasting style you won’t need to redo the next day. 

Remember… more scrunching = more volume and accentuated patterns.

Learn the art of air drying

Pro Tips:

After your hair and product dry… use light hair flips and a gentle microfiber towel to create bounce and movement.

While straight hair easily reflects light... it can get trapped inside the spirals and coils of curly hair making it seem dull or lacking luster and shine.

Layer Illuminate Shine Mist over your styler to add brilliant shine and help seal the cuticle layer to prevent frizz.

Rehydrate and Revitalize

Pro Tips:

Need a little extra moisture and frizz control? Work a small amount of your Oil Therapy or Beautifying Serum through the ends or use Illuminate Shine Mist for added moisture, shine, and manageability.

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Getting to Know Your Curls

We recommend cleansing twice per week and revitalizing Perfect Curl Activator day 2, 3, and 4 curls with Perfect Curl Activator (instead of water) to refresh, rehydrate, and combat unwanted odors.

Work your Curl’n Enhancing Conditioner through your hair with the wide tooth comb (in shower) for enhanced slippage and even product distribution.

The unique twists and turns force the cuticle layer of your hair to open, making it difficult for natural oils to travel down the hair to moisturize and protect the entire strand. Curly hair can often seem “dull” as light gets trapped in the curl pattern and refuses to reflect. Layering products in the right order (Leave-In, Oil or Shine Mist, then your Styler) will help seal in moisture and prevent frizz.

Your regular cotton towel is rough in texture and causes friction that frazzles up the cuticle layer of the hair leading to damage, static build-up, and frizz. Using an anti-static microfiber towel to gently blot (not rub) the hair dry helps keep the cuticle soft and smooth (and speed up dry time!) which results in less frizz and less static flyaways.

Curly hair can be complex as each individual strand has its own unique curl pattern. This is why Curl’n products feature our unique curl enhancing enzymes to improve the curl structure providing you a more unified curl pattern.

Similar to curly hair, Light can get “trapped” within coils. The natural curl pattern absorbs light rather than reflects it and the tighter your curl, the duller it will look. Using moisturizing and shine enhancing products like Illuminate Shine Mist will help create a smoother cuticle layer for light reflection and softness.