#euforaCHANGEMAKERS: Joanne Rempel


Meet our Q2 2019 featured Eufora Changemaker…

Joanne Rempel

Eufora National Trainer & Salon Owner
Colors Beauty & Wellness – Winnipeg, MB

“We believe in the power of nature and in the simplicity and efficacy of naturally-derived ingredients. It’s time for people to start caring about what they put in and on their bodies.”

Joanne’s passion is her profession, and as Color Development Manager for Eufora she enjoys exploring color vision and helping other salon professionals embrace new opportunities to advance their own skills.

As a leader, it is important for her to stand up for beauty. She believes in keeping her salon team members and guests firmly on the road to wellness. Joanne stands behind the best products and services possible, and her salon lives her vision of a healthy salon home. Colors Beauty & Wellness remains alive and thriving today with a committed team of polished, professional artists who provide a consistently exceptional salon experience that frankly just comes “naturally” to them.

Colors Beauty and Wellness Stylist Team

Meet the Colors Crew

5 Tips for Marketing Success

  1. DEFINE YOUR VALUE POSITION. What is your core point of difference, your purpose? Trying to be everything to everyone is confusing to customers and team members alike. Be specific and focus your energies on your primary purpose.
  2. BUILD YOUR BRAND AROUND YOUR PURPOSE. Gather your team, and perhaps even some key clients…core stakeholders who will listen intently to your plan and then provide feedback to make sure your point of difference is clear, valuable and unique to you. You want guests to be able to tell their friends in one sentence why they love your salon.  At Colors, we often are referred to as the “Cheers” of salons… “where everybody knows your name.”
  3. DESIGN A WEBSITE AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM THAT REFLECTS YOUR BRAND. Is it consistent or does your digital footprint look thrown together with no real plan? Ask others for feedback as you make updates. This one was/and continues to be a really tough one for me, so recruit new talent if need be to help get your online presence looking picture perfect!!
  4. MAKE SURE YOUR COMMUNITY KNOWS WHO YOU ARE. Network, Network, Network, then GET INVOLVED. Our favorite give back initiative is “Care for the Caregivers”. Under this salon program, we provide complimentary services for volunteers. From the school lunch coordinator to the workers at our local women’s resource center, there is no shortage of opportunity to pay it forward.
  5. CREATE A VISUAL ROADMAP. Where are you today… where do you want to be in 3 years, in 5 years…then start logging the ways you plan to get to your goal. NO distractions! Referencing your visual roadmap is a constant reminder of progress and will keep your feet firmly planted on the right route for success.


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