#euforaCHANGEMAKERS: Tiffany Sagaser

Meet our first featured Eufora Changemaker…


Eufora National Trainer & Salon Owner
Bleach & Brawn Beauty and Barber Shoppe – Vista, CA

I believe in this industry, I believe in the future of our stylists, and I believe in the guests that we serve to the highest of standards.

I built Bleach & Brawn to celebrate both men and women’s individual needs but also, to blend the two very different aspects of Hairdressing and barbering into one incredible experience for the client.

I’m passionate about creating a culture and training hair stylists & barbers to grow and retain a clientele. Continually educate themselves, and truly find the love they have for this industry to help them stand out and make a difference in our clients’ lives.



(I have about 50 more…)

  1. A deep sense of daily gratitude
  2. ALWAYS coming from a place of love in everything that I do.
  3. Telling the hard truths even when it’s not pretty…
  4. Step OUT of your comfort zone. It is the ONLY way you will reach your true potential for greatness.
  5. Eufora’s 8 Essential steps to financial success.
  6. Learn something every day- ALWAYS A STUDENT NEVER A MASTER.
  7. It’s okay to say NO. It doesn’t make you a bad person.
  8. ALWAYS Dress Up! dress for the job you want not the job you have! “If you want to charge $100.00 for a haircut, you can BUT you better look like it!”
  9. Have FUN with your guests & include them in our culture!
  10. Have a mentor AND be a mentor.


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