Eufora Merchandising Guide

Staging your salon retail space for maximum impact...

You will find each individual promise arranged in recommended format from left to right, so if you don’t have one long continuous retail wall, you can break up the Promises and place them one above the other in smaller vignettes. 

Keep Promises together.

For example, all waterfall bottles could reside in one fixture in the salon, while Beautifying Elixirs and Thickening reside in another, and EuforaStyle and Essentials can be paired with either – OR BOTH as your salon space permits.

Don't forget play stations.

Keep HOT SPOTS in mind to feature key seasonal items and Quarterly Campaigns. These areas should be inviting and approachable.  Think of these areas as “play stations” where guests can explore and try some of your favorite things!  

Always stay stocked.

Never strip your RETAIL shelves of a Promise or product to create a Hot Spot. Product Hot Spots should house product and testers IN ADDITION to what it on your regular retail shelves.

Some general notes:

  • Always arrange Promise products from left to right, following the order they appear on Eufora Shelftalkers.
  • Where there are natural product pairings, place the items side by side. For example, Moisture Intense Shampoo next to Moisture Intense Conditioner.
  • When there are multiple sizes of the same item, place the bottles from smallest size to largest size, left to right.
  • Allow space for multiple facings of top selling items. You may need 2 or 3 facings of guest favorites such as ElixirONE, Urgent Repair Shampoo and Treatment, Beautifying Serum and Elevate!
  • When you have low profile products, like Fixation, don’t be afraid to stack them for better shelf presence.
  • When in doubt, just refer to your Eufora Shelftalkers or check your Eufora Salon Manual!

*Get Eufora Shelftalkers with rewards points in the Partner Mall, or download seasonal inserts on our Quarterly Campaign blog posts.

Bamboo Merchandising Pieces

Sustainable, multi-functional and smart! You can use the Eufora bamboo merchandising pieces as risers, as shelftalker holders and as product glorifiers.  To get these bamboo pieces, contact your distributor or purchase them with rewards points in the Partner Mall. Below are a few simple examples of how to utilize these versatile pieces in your displays.



Holds your larger counter cards. This piece will fit a standard 8” x 10” piece of collateral.  Each Quarterly Campaign includes at least ONE of these larger counter cards, and there are often multiple options available for download as well.

2. As a RISER

When you want to spotlight something special, simply turn the large piece upside down and place your “story” on top as seen above in our ALOETHERAPY display.  Let each stylist put their “Stylists Picks” on display at their station – this is guaranteed to spark a question from guests.  OR, try featuring the 4 tubes of Color Revive at your cash wrap, with a bowl of Color Revive sample pods!



The small piece will house all of your standard size Eufora Shelftalkers as well as any promotional shelftalkers. Place the holder right side up on the shelf (opening facing up) and insert the tall card into the track. 


Showcase the Quarterly Campaign items or any feature product. Simply turn the piece so the opening is facing down and insert the small Product Talker Card. Then place it on the table or shelf and put the featured product tester on top as seen above in our ALOETHERAPY display.

More in salon merchandising to perfectly complement your Eufora displays...

Modern Shelving

33” Wide Pole Mounted Aluminum Shelving Satin Anodized Poles also available powder coated.

Candle Cloche

Glass Candle Cloche from Crate & Barrel for your wellness playstation.


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