#euforachangemakers: Ashley Toliver-Williams


Meet our Q3 2019 featured Eufora Changemaker…

Ashley Toliver-Williams
Eufora National Trainer & Salon Owner
Fringe Salon and Color Bar – Houston, TX

In 2017, Fringe Salon and Color Bar in Houston, TX was hit by Hurricane Harvey. It was an uphill battle, but through dedication to the Eufora Systems, and with the love and support of the Eufora Nation, Toliver-Williams was able to lead her salon team to their highest retail quarter since opening. Even after surviving the destruction of Hurricane Harvey and rebuilding her Salon community from the ground up, Ashley still finds that her greatest daily obstacle as a Salon Owner is often herself, an issue for all Salon Owners. So she created an opportunity for change.

By the end of 2017, Fringe Salon and Color Bar had survived the initial physical damage of Hurricane Harvey, but salon traffic had slowed to a trickle as the citizens of the city struggled to rebuild the lives that had been destroyed. “The Fringe Team started a new campaign offering free haircuts to the city. We went to muck houses and did everything we could to get exposure but by the time we got to January 2018 we were still 22% down in guests.”

Business Intelligence

Eufora Nation was there to rally behind her in an unbelievable way. “When I felt I was all alone, the whole army at Eufora wrapped their arms around me in a very literal sense,” says Tolliver-Williams. Salon Owner Denise Gualdoni started a “Rally for Fringe” fundraising Facebook Group, Tim Humphries from Eufora HQ helped strategize the new business model, and countless other Salon owners and teams raised funds for Fringe and Houston.

With Eufora Nation’s support, Ashley was able to create new business processes focusing on the “8 Steps” and utilizing Eufora Systems.

The strategy worked and the next quarter Fringe Salon reported its highest retail numbers to date. “We sold nearly $90k in retail in one quarter. As a result of all the Eufora love, I now had the time to give to those who had helped me. I started building new programs from what I learned, like the brand new Academy course EUFORA BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, to make sure other salons had the ability to grow no matter what they faced.”

With new Academy courses in progress and a new outlook, Ashley is changing the way Eufora Salon owners think about their business by helping leaders get out of their own way. “Even with all that I have gone through and grown from these past few years, the most challenging obstacle I have to overcome every day is myself. Everyday I work on me, through study, self-reflection, asking for guidance, and surrounding myself with people who will always be direct and honest, both in and out of the salon. As I work to make our industry better all I can think of are the people who built me and pushed me forward and I will never stop working to move this beautiful and loving industry forward.”


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