Your Summer Hair Survival Guide

Sun-kissed days and poolside lounging are what summer's all about, but the heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. Don't let frizzy flyaways and dullness steal your summer shine! Try these 4 summer must-have products for healthy, manageable hair all season long.

Aloetherapy Moisture Mist

WHAT TO USE IT FOR Sunburns, bug bites, and dry, dehydrated hair skin, and scalp.

THE SCIENCE Powerful aloe stem cell technology with oat avenanthramides and water lily extract soothes and heals for immediate and long term relief.

Urgent Repair Gentle Detox Shampoo

WHAT TO USE IT FOR A deep, clarifying cleanse after swimming in the ocean, fresh water, or chlorinated pools.

THE SCIENCE The process chelation binds and removes unwanted heavy metals, minerals, chlorine, pollutants, and product build-up.

Refine Versatile Styling Cream

WHAT TO USE IT FOR Effortless styling with UV protection.

THE SCIENCE Our newest innovation. Bacillus Lvsate, is proven to isolate UVA-induced free radicals to reduce and prevent UV damage and color fadage.

Hydration Leave-In Conditioner

WHAT TO USE IT FOR Pre and post swim replenishment.

THE SCIENCE Protects and restores the stripped 18-MEA lipids from chlorine that results in dry out, damaged, and unmanageable hair.


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