Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Is it a myth or a reality? Hair loss has often been attributed to emotional stress and while it might not be the primary cause, it can still be linked to hair loss. 

Independently Moving

Each hair follicle is independently moving through their own stage of the growth cycle. On a healthy head of hair, most follicles are in the Anagen “growth phase” while the others are either in the transitional, resting, or shedding phase.

When a significant emotional stress event occurs, it can trigger an abnormal, dramatic shift in the hair's growth cycle into the Telogen “resting” phase. It is important to note that this is not caused by normal, daily stressors such as a single bad day at work. This shift is triggered from stress from life changing events (such as the loss of a loved one) or severe prolonged stress. Due to the nature of the hair growth cycles… hair loss from stress may not be noticed immediately and can take several months to show signs.

Rarely Permanent

The good news is that it is rarely permanent. You can combat stress-related hair loss by addressing the underlying issue with stress management techniques like meditation or creating positive lifestyle changes.

Proper scalp health and nutrition can also help your hair grow back strong and healthy. It is important to continue creating the optimal scalp environment for healthy hair growth with a consistent routine and the right products.



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