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Meet Refine: Our NEW Versatile Styling Cream!

Meet Refine

Frizz-free air dry styles, flawless blowouts, or precise piecey definition – REFINE does it all. This versatile wet/dry styling cream creates soft definition, tames frizz and flyaways, defines short styles, and livens up your layers with a natural feel and finish.


Flawless Blowouts

Work Refine through damp hair prior to your blowout to provide light control and taming for a flawless finish.

The Perfect Air Dry Cream

Work Refine through damp hair and air dry for definition and frizz control. Reapply on dry hair to further define texture and movement.

Effortlessly Refine Dry Styles

Create soft, piece definition without a sticky, tacky feeling for finished short styles that look and feel effortless.


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