The 7 Things You Need To Know About The New Professional Hair Treatments From Eufora

An exceptional performing, in-salon, custom-blended service. Instantly address and restore health,
vibrancy, manageability, elasticity, 
and vitality to hair and scalp.This professional use only system is composed
of “super-charged” treatments that work from the INSIDE-OUT.

Eufora PROTREATMENT is Gluten Free and Vegan.

1. What is Eufora PROTREATMENT? 

PROTREATMENT by Eufora are customizable in-salon professional treatments designed to address your biggest hair challenges and concerns. Advanced, deep penetrating technology restores health, vibrancy, manageability, and vitality to your hair and scalp without creating buildup or heavy residue. PROTREATMENT formulas repair and strengthen hair from the inside out while providing instant gratification with lasting results

2. Who is PROTREATMENT for? 

PROTREATMENT services are perfect for all hair types. They are custom formulated by your stylist based on hair health, density, and current hair concerns. Your hair faces a variety of stressors such as heat styling, color damage, and environmental factors. From frizz control, manageability, severe damage, or scalp irritations, PROTREATMENT is a deeply restorative service perfect for anyone who is looking to give their hair the extra love and care it deserves!

3. What are the PROTREATMENT Boosters?

Your stylist will create a custom treatment with a service booster to address your hair challenge.
There are currently three boosters that can be added to a


For damaged, dry, and over-processed hair. Helps to strengthen and repair structure damage and reduce breakage while dramatically improving elasticity, strand density, and manageability.

  • Boosts moisture for long lasting shine and a silky texture
  • Infused with Triglycerides to repair the hairs surface, and Beetroot Extract to retain moisture and enhance shine


For all hair types to fight frizz and enhance shine. Promotes maximum and long-lasting frizz control and reduction

  • Creates a lipid barrier to retain moisture, smooth the cuticle and enhance shine
  • Infused with Arginine to strengthen hair and increase moisture retention, and Aspartic Acid to repair and smooth the cuticle layer


Provides long lasting relief for dry and itchy scalp. Clears and nourishes hair follicles to promote optimum scalp health

  • Dramatically alleviates irritation caused by scalp conditions
  • Infused with Sugar Cane, Lemon, Apple and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extracts rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium, and other electrolytes to boost natural protein levels, and protect skin from free radicals

4. Is Eufora PROTREATMENT Color Safe?

Yes, while deeply penetrative and restorative, PROTREATMENT services are color safe! If your hair has vibrant/fashion shades - your stylist will use an advanced color protection additive to ensure your color stays vibrant and long lasting. 

5. How often can I book a PROTREATMENT? 

You can book a treatment each time you have your regularly scheduled salon visit or you can book just a PROTREATMENT on a monthly basis!

6. Can I use PROTREATMENT at home?

No, the PROTREATMENT services are only available to professionals for in-salon application. 

7. Where can I book a PROTREATMENT and how long does it take?

PROTREATMENT only adds an additional 10-15 minutes to your existing salon appointment. If you are scheduling a PROTREAMENT as an individual service - expect a 30-40 minute appointment which will allow for a proper consultation, application, dry time and styling. 


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