The 8 Ways to Fight Frizz and Control the Chaos

There is nothing more frustrating than the constant battle against frizz, flyaways, and dried out hair. Frizz can flare up for several reasons but the underlying cause is a cuticle layer that is raised instead of flat. Hair naturally demands moisture and starts to frizz out when the hair is dehydrated but the cuticle is raised or damaged. The hair starts to absorb ambient moisture which swells up and frizzes out the hair strand.

While dryness and damage are the two main characters of this story… using the wrong products, styling techniques, and at home habits may be making your problems worse.

The following 8 Ways to Fight Frizz and Control the Chaos are designed to:

  1. Restore balanced moisture to your hair 
  2. Repair, seal, and smooth out the cuticle Layer to lock in moisture and block out humidity
  3. Protect your hair from heat damage
  4. Prevent a raised and ruffled cuticle layer caused by bad styling habits:

The 8 Ways to Fight Frizz and Control the Chaos


#1: Moisture Matters 

Dehydrated, Dry hair + a raised cuticle layer is a direct invitation to a frizz fest. Restoring balanced moisture levels to your hair will prevent it from trying to absorb ambient moisture once it’s dry. This all starts with your shampoo and conditioner. Avoid products with ingredients that can strip your hair of moisture and natural oils such as harsh sulfates and parabens. It’s also important to avoid products that can cause build up like petroleum based products. Smooth’n Frizz Control Shampoo and Conditioner use gentle, sulfate-free, and extra moisturizing formulations based in Aloe Vera gel infused with natural oils to lock out humidity and seal and smooth the cuticle. For an extra dose of moisture - use Nourish Leave-In Hydration is a weightless, protein rich daily leave-in moisturizing treatment. 

#2: Damage Control 

Hair damage from hot tools, chemical services, UV rays, or brute force all result in a raised cuticle layer, more frizz, and a rough exterior texture. A leave-in treatment, conditioner, or hair masque may be necessary to help restore life to damaged, fried, or frayed strands. To help restructure hair, Fortifi Keratin Repair Treatment is a restructuring formula that will help fill in any “holes” in the outer cuticle layer. For any chemical treated hair - Beautifying Elixirs Leave-In Repair Treatment is the perfect multi-purpose solution to repair the hair from the inside out. For immensely damaged or chemically treated hair - using Beautifying Elixirs Moisture Masque once a week will jumpstart your journey to a healthy canvas.

#3: Ditch the Terry Cloth Towel 

Avoid friction at all costs. Friction from manually drying with a terry cloth towel ruffles up the outer cuticle layer. To prevent frizz - use a microfiber towel  to gently blot your hair dry (never rub). This will help you pull excess moisture for the hair and reduce blow drying time to avoid the possibility of heat damage.

#4: Obsess Over Oils 

A raised cuticle layer will allow moisture to seep in and swell up the hair strand. Finding the right oil for your hair can be a game changer to lock in moisture by sealing, smoothing, and nourish the cuticle. Natural oils are packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids all of which are essential for healing and maintaining healthy hair, skin, and scalp. Smooth’n Oil Therapy  contains a maximum dose of the Smooth’n Oil Complex of antioxidant enriched oils designed to nourish, seal, and protect the cuticle while progressively elongating frizz and curl patterns with each use.

#5: Stop Using Bristle Hair Brushes and Brute Force

Heat, chemicals, and UV rays are not the only sources of hair damage… brute force and certain hair brushes can also cause damage to the outer cuticle layer. Using a wide tooth comb for detangling and an ionic round brush for blow drying will help keep your cuticle closed and prevent frizz flare up.

#6: Seal it in and Lock it Out 

Humidity: A frizz fighter's worst enemy. When the level of moisture is greater outside vs. inside the hair - water molecules swell up and frizz out the hair strand. Anti-humidity styling and finishing products are designed to seal the cuticle, locking  in moisture, while blocking out any excess humidity. 

Stylist favorites: The lightweight styling cream, Behave, and frizz control hairspray, Tame, are a dynamic duo that hold up in even the most humid climates and seasons. 

Learn more about Humidity and Frizz Control.

#7: Always Use a Heat Protectant 

Direct heat from blow dryers, curling irons, or straightening irons may give you quick results but excessive heat can actually damage the outer protective layer of the hair. This will not only lead to even more frizz, but may also cause breakage and irreversible damage. The multi-benefit Thermal Defense Prep protects your hair up to 428 ⁰F degrees and will help you detangle and add moisture for soft and manageable hair. Curling or Straightening? Use Retain also protects the hair up to 428 ⁰F while helping you hold your smooth or curled style all day. Both Eufora heat protection products can be used together for enhanced protection. While you’re at it… go ahead and ditch any old tools. Hot tool performance and heat regulation can diminish with age and may be an unexpected frizz creating culprit.

 Learn more about heat protection, damage, and frizz control.

#8: Learn the Art of the Blow Dry

Creating a smooth and sleek blow out is truly an art. Using the proper sectioning, positioning, direction of airflow, and even the right size of ionic brush can give you a massive leg up. Never point your blow dryer toward your scalp, doing so will rough up the outer cuticle layer and create frizz. Instead, always blow dry your hair from root to tip, this will help smooth the hair and prevent roughness and a frizzy finish. Ask your hairdresser for some professional advice, products, and techniques to help you recreate your favorite styles at home.



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