"2020 Bring it ON!"

Dear Eufora Nation,

It’s hard to believe that we are at the beginning of not just a new year, but a new decade. If you’re like me, you’re thinking about what the future holds for your life, your family, your business and career. For many just the mention of the word “change” brings about feelings of doubt, uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. But one truth in life is that everything changes.

Change is inevitable… Growth is optional ~John Maxwell

But change is not just something we feel we should have to “deal with”, we need to be the creators of the positive changes that are necessary to forge the future. Embracing new ideas, concepts and being willing to let go of the things that hold us back (even though they are comfortable), allows each of us to stand out from the sea of sameness and create our best life and business. After all, being in the driver’s seat of change is what makes life exciting.

So, with this in mind, Eufora has dedicated great time and diligence to crafting the change that will move us forward. We know and welcome the fact that leading change and innovation for the industry, and you, over the next ten years must first begin with our own company.

Below is snapshot of some of what you will see happening here at Eufora as we head into a new and exciting decade of growth and change in our programs, products, education and packaging.

  • The Eufora Salon Owner Network is evolving to bring stronger forward-thinking meeting content with greater accessibility so all Eufora Salons can benefit from the program no matter where they are in the world.
  • The Eufora Advanced Training Academy is expanding with enhanced curriculum, new course offerings and greater access to Academy courses in your area.
  • Live Your Art - A new, fresh and inspiring education platform for technical and creative education is coming to your market! • Some programs will go away only to be replaced with stronger and more relevant support for Educators and Salons.
  • Several products and sizes will phase out while new, innovative high performing products are introduced.
  • Eufora packaging is evolving. Look for enhancements throughout the next year that will deliver a cohesive and beautiful shelf presence in your salon and elevated, eco-friendly consumer appeal.

And there is much more on the horizon. Become part of the conversation on new, fresh and relevant ideas for growth and success for all our businesses in 2020 and join the Facebook Group - Eufora Nation Connects – where you can connect with Eufora and fellow Salon Owners.

Success, happiness and fulfillment require that we lead our own change in our lives and businesses. It means we need to think different, see things from a different viewpoint and, yes, sometimes get uncomfortable. Progress, new opportunities, new paths that lead to greater success don’t happen when we hold on to outdated ways and thinking.



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