Customer Service Shines

Eufora International shares a peek inside customer relations and the people who serve tirelessly to exceed customer expectations.

It’s universally acknowledged that online stores have gained significant traction as our preferred shopping option, but sometimes it’s nice to know that there are still real people out there who care about the customer and the product that is delivered to their door.  That personal connectivity has never been more important than at Eufora where 5-star customer service still rules…down to every last incoming phone call which is most often fielded by a real person who picks up the phone to greet you. No dreaded computer voice with selection options or number punching to navigate. How refreshing! The mantra that hangs on the wall in the Eufora Customer Service workspace says it all.                              

 “Every order, item, customer, person matters.”

So, with Customer Service Week kicking off on October 4th, what better time to celebrate stellar service providers and share a little bit about them?  Here’s a peek into the lives and loves of just a few of the players on the Eufora Customer Service Team.  Say HELLO to Char, Mirsad, Camille and Bryan. This fearsome foursome greets each day, and every customer, with a smile that can always be heard if not seen!

Charlene, Eufora Director of Operations, has grown up with Eufora, joining the team fresh out of high school. Now a proud mother of 3, she says Eufora is family to her, and coincidentally her favorite weekend activity is a BBQ with friends and family. Char keeps the Customer Service and Warehouse Teams humming, and wears the crown of logistics queen proudly.  She ensures everything flows in and out of Eufora in a safe, timely fashion and properly packaged to boot! Char’s product picks? Bodifying Shampoo and Conditioner + Beautifying Serum before her blow dry. 

Eufora Distribution Specialist, Mirsad, is a unique member of the Eufora extended family. What most don’t know is that his family hails from Bosnia, and his brother, Mirza, is also a member of Team Eufora. It truly is a family affair for them. Mirsad is passionate about getting orders processed quickly and accurately, but will cheerfully go that extra mile to include a special note or thank you.  A get it done kind of guy, it’s no surprise that his favorite product is Aloetherapy Soothing Hair and Body Cleanse, which works perfectly as that one single “go to” shower product. It’s a natural 2fer!

Camille is a stellar internal teammate of the external Salon Services Sales Team. Camille keeps the information and the orders flowing into salons, ensuring that no salon misses a beat when it comes to their Eufora Professional and Retail products. Most days you will find her in front of the computer with her phone glued to her ear, so she always wears her long hair up, which is why she chooses Uplift Extra Firm Finishing Spray as her strong and steady style companion

Then there is Bryan. a Customer Service Supervisor extraordinaire, who has earned the moniker of Eufora HERO for Men poster child. A huge fan of the HERO high-performance products, Bryan cannot live without his HERO Grooming Cream…every day and after every hiking or surfing expedition, which is what cures his weekly sense of wanderlust. Bryan loves a good microbrew, and he is the in-house curator of the “best of” list for local microbreweries where Thursday Team Get Togethers are sometimes hosted... now with social distancing of course.

Eufora would like to acknowledge these four and all the behind the scenes service workers who strive for excellence in their daily activities. Their pride of ownership and desire to exceed expectations reminds us that these people deserve celebration, not just during Customer Service Week, but, each and every day that they come to work ready to man (or wo-man) the phones and computers to make all of our lives just a little bit easier.  Stellar customer service does make a difference!

About Eufora
In a category that’s crowded with rampant brand over promising, the Eufora voice stands out as honest, real and personal.  It takes its cues from the vision of company founders, Don and Beth Bewley, who, in 1997, started a hair care company built on a foundation of passion, integrity and caring for the professional salon world. Today Eufora is recognized globally for a vision that extends beyond the innovation of people and planet friendly products, delivering on a promise to provide incomparable leadership programs and technical training to nurture and grow the next generation of salon professionals. For more information please visit

Kathleen Summers
1 (800) 6-eufora

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