Eufora International Unleashes The Power Pixie

Eufora Style Director transforms a traditional cut into three powerful looks perfect for Fall/Winter 2020.

Look around and you will notice more and more women choosing to crop their locks and sport shorter, easy care hair.  Pixies are reappearing on women of all ages, and it looks like the women who wear short hair well are those who are most willing to “push” style sensibilities. Sometimes slick and sophisticated other times curly and natural. Sometimes mixed media with hair accessories, bands and pins to embellish. It all depends on what suits their mood. 

The key is styling options that provide a powerful arsenal for the wearer.  In a recent New York photoshoot, Eufora Style Director Mirza Batanovic set out to acknowledge the wants and needs of today’s women (especially those in his home town of NYC) creating powerful looks for those who tend to carve their own path when it comes to  hair and fashion trends. Independent and sometimes defiant, they are definitely not trend followers, and, like chameleons, may totally change their look to suit their surroundings.

Batanovic’s vision was to design looks that would defy the idea that short hair limits what you can do with your style. “Even with a short pixie you can create dozens of different looks by simply changing up your regimen of products, styling tools and how you use them.” says Batanovic.

When unleashing a Power Pixie, the look doesn’t end with the cut. Color plays a big part in the style statement. For Batanovic’s pixie, the peek-a-boo root brought to life a powerful personality; someone who challenges the norm, and embraces the unexpected. (Thanks Madonna!) The dark roots also add a little depth and dimension.   

Ultimately, if you want to be able to transition a pixie into multiple looks , it’s all about working with, not against, hair type and texture. The finished looks can then be styled to mirror a mood, personality or even environment.  Creativity and versatility are key. Batanovic just reminds us that “... with so much styling going on, it’s important to protect the hair with the right Eufora products as you go!”

Three pixie transformations from the recent New York photoshoot are shared here, and the complete NY State of Mind collection can be viewed at

Sweet but sassy. A bold shape that defies the decades.

Showcasing the haircut shape itself in its truest form! When it comes to the blow dry, prep damp hair with Behave Lightweight Styling Cream and Thermal Defense Prep. For the style, use a Eufora medium round brush dry the hair in one-inch sections; all horizontal. Shape the hair for volume using just the brush and blow drier, then set with a quick spray of Elevate and a whisper of Gloss Dry Shine Spray for a mirror finish.

Fearless and ready to take charge. Confidence is its own style statement.

Curl’n Shampoo and Conditioner are always best to prep the hair for perfectly shaped and frizz free curls. Then start by combing Beautifying Serum through damp hair, and follow with a liberal application of Pure Polish and Curl’n Defining Solution (lots of it).  Next diffuse curls as you shape, until completely dry. (HINT: Use a flat balayage board to create the square edge.)  Finish with Uplift spray to freeze the part and then a mist of Illuminate for shine.

RETRO-FIT                                                                                                         A little flirty and a lot of fierce. Beautifully gender bending!

Apply Beautifying Elixirs ElixirOne, Hair Perfecting Potion, to damp hair and follow with a quick comb through of Beautifying Serum. In the palm of your hands, cocktail together a handful of Formation Foam and a dollop of Pure Polish; work through the hair and blow dry with the smallest Eufora Round Brush. Next, take hair in one-inch sections, mist with Retain, Heat Styling Spray, and curl in side- to-side diagonal sections across the top. Let cool. Use Powder Lift to brush out curls, and then shape with a few spritz of Firm Mist.

About Eufora 
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